Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trains, Boats and Rides….Oh My!!

Early last week I surprised Hannah by taking a day off work without telling her.  She thought we were headed to daycare…until I turned the opposite way out of the driveway.  A questioning look came over her face and she quietly asked, ‘Mommy, Where are we going?’    I told here we were going on a train which was met with squeals of delight!  When she found out some of our favourite friends were going to be on the train she almost broke the sound barrier!  Can’t you just feel her excitement in this picture?IMG_2654


Once in Toronto we took a ferry over to Centre Island.IMG_2661

Once on the island we hit the rides immediately!  So many rides and so much fun to be had!IMG_2671

Hannah has loved the ferris wheel since she was a baby when she rode her first one at just 16 months of age so we rode it a few times this day.IMG_2675

Shortly after we arrived we met a gal I had gotten to know at our waiting mom’s dinners while she was waiting for her DD and I was waiting for Hannah.  It was neat to see our sweet DD’s together!IMG_2679

Centre Island is geared towards younger children and it’s absolutely beautiful!!  It is so well laid out in that there are a number of rides but they’re all reasonably spaced out so there’s not a lot of walking needed for little legs.

G enjoying Merry-go-round time with Mommy.IMG_2681


The log flume was a big hit and we rode it over and over again.  Each time we hopped into a log it was a new combination of riders.  Hee!IMG_2692

It was a beautiful warm, somewhat sunny day so Hannah took advantage of this splash pad while her friends were on a ride she didn’t care to go on again.  I love her independent spirit!IMG_2694

By far the ride that was the hit of the day was the fire engines!  Once again they rode this over and over again, switching up combos of people, and spots within their engines.IMG_2699


Hannah enjoyed riding her little white pony Shadow.IMG_2707

The frog drop was a tummy tickling experience!  Can you hear the giggles?IMG_2712


Sailing, sailing….IMG_2715

Drivers in training.  They took their jobs seriously and did great!IMG_2716


Before we knew it night was falling and it was time to call it a successful day!  The kids and parents had a blast from start to finish and I hope we can do this again next year!IMG_2742

I will never, ever tire of the beautiful Toronto skyline that we could see from the ferry as we returned from the island.IMG_2739

After grabbing bagels for supper we were on the train on our way home.  This was Hannah within minutes of us getting on the train and she slept right through until the following morning.IMG_2745

Sweet dreams baby girl.  I hope you dreamt of the fun, fun times we shared with precious friends!  We love you friends!  xoxoIMG_2689


  1. What a fun day!!!!!

    Your skyline shot of Toronto reminded me of the few times we visited while Bill was working there. A beautiful city for sure!


  2. That place looks like a blast! Reminds me a bit of Gilroy Gardens in that it has so many great rides for the littler patrons. Love that.

    Hey!! Is Miss K wearing one of Ro and Ree's little shirts or do they just have the same taste in Etsy? :-)

    1. One in the same my friend! Your girls wore it, then Hannah and now it's Miss K's turn! :o)

  3. What a fun surprise day. That park looks like great fun for little ones.

  4. How fun. love her look by the train. The twins sure have grown, miss their mom as blog. Love the pics.

  5. Nice to get a rare glimpse of the twins!

  6. What fun! Looks like I might have to make a longer trek out that way one day. I know a certain little somebody who would LOVE those rides! I love how Hannah can sleep just about anywhere and for long periods of time. That is awesome! Surprises like that are the, can you do the same for the cruise? ;-)

    1. That would be fun Paula but my plan is to tell her about a month or so before the cruise. She loves counting down (we have a chain going now - more about that in another post) so I'll tell her a but before we go.

      I do have one other big 1 day surprise in the works got November though so hopefully that one works out! :o)

    2. PS yes, I'm guessing Keira would love it!! Centre Island is a beautiful park with all the rides geared to little ones so its not full of teens, screaming & loud music. (Yes, im getting old when i even notice that stuff!)!t's a family place with beautiful parks and picnic areas. You can also take bikes or rent them on the island which is something We'd like to try too. Even the boat ride is a hit! Hope you're able to go someday!

    3. We will definitely add it to our list when we I plan a Toronto trip. I too am "older" and would appreciate the lack of teen antics! I'd also love to take Keira to the zoo while they have the giant pandas. I'm not sure how long they'll be there....I'm hoping at least through next summer if not 2015.

      I'm impressed you've been able to keep the cruise quiet! I love the count down idea. Hannah is going to be sooo excited!


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