Friday, July 19, 2013

Cottage Time = Fun in the Sun!

This year’s vacation weather can be summed up with one word:  HOT!  And we love it!!

California temps hovered between 100 & 110.  Salt Lake was similar and when we returned home they were in the midst of a heat wave too.  The cottage doesn’t have any A/C so when it was pushing 100 here too we took to the water often!





After a time of hanging out at the beach volleyball courtIMG_2566

an impromptu evening swim in her clothes was is order.IMG_2569

Sunday afternoon it was tubing time!  2 years ago I sat in the tube in shallow water and attempted to get Hannah to sit on my lap but she would have nothing to do with it!  Last year the boat was broken so we didn’t use the tube at all.  This year – she was all over it and wanted to go on her own!!IMG_2536

That’s my brave little girl!  Check out her adorable little squeal of joy as Grandpa began to move her in the water a bit.

Ahh!  A weekend of fun on the water!IMG_2580


  1. So much fun! How will we ever be able to stand winter after all this fun?!

  2. What a gorgeous setting! A perfect way to spend part of your summer holidays...add family to the mix and it simply doesn't get any better!!! Enjoy!!!

  3. Just getting caught up...Hah, I love that Hannah is such a dare devil and not at all worried about the water or high flying acts. (did I mention this comment is for all posts LOL)

    The hive post is scary...freaky. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon. Tide is so prevalent.
    Brave Mama.

  4. Isn't 4 the perfect age?

  5. Ahhhh, what a wonderful time at the cottage! Such fun memories for Hannah!


  6. What great fun! And super Hannah cuteness :)

  7. What a great time! And of course, super Hannah cuteness abounds :)


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