Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Hannah slept until 7 which is far later than she ever has the first day of our vacation when we travel west.  She had played, swam and ran herself silly yesterday while having tons of fun!  I think jet lag this trip is going to be an easy one to overcome.  Yay! 
We donned our red and white and were excited to share Canada Day with our California BFF’s enjoying a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. IMG_1975 The ‘No More Work Than One’  family is also here this week so we’re sharing another fun week with lots of exciting things planned!  IMG_1980
There was one spot with a glasses in area that you felt like you were sitting under a wave.  That was really neat!
Our 5 cuties!IMG_1999
Hannah loves her stuffies right now and they go with her everywhere so she was excited to choose this little dolphin as a reminder of our fun day and asked to pose in front of the huge killer whale.
After leaving the aquarium we headed up the road for a visit to the beach.  It was absolutely beautiful there!  IMG_2005 - Copy
It was a little chilly for our west coast friends being only 70ish but we still love them. Winking smile IMG_2009
After enjoying a great day in Monterey Bay we began our drive home.  It didn’t take long before the thermostat began to move up, up, up and very quickly we were back into 111oF (42oC) temperatures!!  Yup, we had chosen a perfect day to leave the city!   
I must say this Canadian girl finds it interesting that just a 20 minute drive from one place to another can result in 30.F+ changes in temperatures.
Tuba Dad was now finished work for the day so we went to a deeelicious Mexican restaurant for supper.  Even my girl who snubs her nose at refried beans almost licked her plate clean before crashing on Mommy’s lap.  Her little body was feeling the time change so she power napped while Mommy enjoyed her supper.IMG_2014
It was 8:00 when supper was done but still a beautiful night so we headed back to the pool.  Ro, Ree, H2 and S2 are absolutely amazing with her and they all play really well together.  Can I tell you how much I love vacation time with my girl and precious friends?!!
Hannah is a fish and with water wings on she does her very best to keep up with the big girls.  IMG_2017
When we got home the girls found their Merida nightgowns from last year and settled in for a bedtime snack perfect for a summer evening.
IMG_2041 - Copy
Our first full day of Salsa fun was a huge success!  Tomorrow’s schedule is purse shopping.  (OH NO!!!!  I really don’t know how she talked me into this again! After all,  I’m still in therapy after the last time we went purse shopping!  I think it was in a moment of weakness while I was trapped in the car and she lulled me with the promise of aioli and fries at Nordstroms.)  
Tomorrow evening will be a HUGE step for Mommy and Hannah.  We’re brining in a team of twin babysitters who normally watch Ro and Ree and they’ll be watching Ro, Ree, H2, S2, and Hannah for the evening.  It will be Hannah’s first official babysitter who isn’t family or a close friend of mine.  We’ve been chatting about it today and I think she’s up for it.  I’ll only be a phone call away if needed but I’m guessing she’ll have so much fun with the 3 sets of twins that she’ll barely notice I’m gone and Mommy will enjoy a rare adult evening out!  Wheee!


  1. Sounds like a great vacation & it's just the start of it! That aquarium looks awesome, I know the boys would LOVE it :) I'm sure Hannah's night at the babysitter will be a great time - Enjoy your night out!

  2. Fun!!! Cannot believe how big Hannah has gotten! No baby anymore. Sniff. I got taken on a adult only week to DC, NYC and Phili sans Tate. Really hard but so worth some adult time. I know you had a harder time than Hannah with the first sitter... Ha!

  3. Have fun with D2, K2, H2 & S2.


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