Monday, July 01, 2013

Our 2013 Visit with the Salsa Family has Officially Begun!

And we’re excited!!

Hannah and I left Ontario Sunday morning and flew to CA to visit with our amazing friends – the Salsa Family!!  We were trying to figure out how many visits this is and I’m pretty sure from looking back in the blog that this is my 8th trip here and Hannah’s 4th.  We love spending time with these amazing friends!  M3 and I often tease that when we can’t remember when a certain event happened or when we made a particular purchase, all we need to do is look back at the blog and it shows us.  She’s correct about that one!

Hannah was excited to bring her own carry-on luggage this time filled with lots of great travel activities.  I woke her up and immediately put her in the car to head to the airport so she started the trip in her jammies.  Sure wish I could travel in my pj’s!IMG_1932

It’s hard to tell from her face in this picture but she was pretty excited when each seat had it’s own TV to watch and we found a movie just for her!



We were only at the house for a short while when Hannah took Ro out for a drive.  She’s been talking about the pink car for months so was thrilled to be tall enough to take the wheel!

After a few spins around the yard it was time to go swimming!  The weather here this week is hot, hot, hot…and we love it!!   We arrived at the pool around 5pm and it was still over 100o!  That works for us!IMG_1955

Even though my little love had been going strong for 15 hours at this point with only about an hours nap on the plane, she still swam for 3 hours solid!  Can you imagine?!  She wants to do everything Ro and Ree do and I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s 7!


As we swam S2 and H2 arrived to share the week with us with their parents.  We were here together last year and had a great time.  Looking forward to a lot of fun again this summer!IMG_1964

M3, thanks so much for opening your home to us once again this year!  We always love spending time with you!



  1. Welcome to "hot" CA. Can't wait to see you and chat and eat goodies.

  2. Have a great time with H2, S2, Ro and Ree!

  3. Yay, we're so glad you're here!!!

  4. Such fun! Enjoy your visit!!!!!



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