Sunday, July 10, 2011

Special Moments with Wela and BobBob

One of the special parts of being friends with someone is that you are privileged to meet their family and friends.  The first time I visited M3 and her family back in January of 2008 I met her wonderful Mom!  I still laugh when I remember that Wela questioned M3 before I arrived the first time about having someone she met on the web come and stay in their home for an entire week?  Was she sure??  Heh….3 1/2 years later and a number of visits under our belt and our friendship is better than ever!  And from that very first visit, Wela and I have been great friends too and shared some fun times together!

This visit Wela and BobBob invited us to their home once again for a yummy supper.  While Wela was finishing up supper I found Hannah and BobBob playing together and it was oh so sweet!IMG_0881

Hannah absolutely adores spending time with men who remind her of her Grandpas and it warms my heart over and over to see these men spend time with my little girl.  Being a single Mom I am very aware of how important it is for Hannah to have special men in her life and we are blessed over and over…and over again by both family members as well as friends who spend time with my sweetie.  Thank you to each of you!

After supper M3, Wela and I were enjoying a visit together while BobBob took the girls for a walk.   I still chuckle when I think of what I saw when I looked outside and saw BobBob jogging by, trying to catch up with the 3 girls on the run! SmileIMG_0883

When they came back in there was a fun picture scavenger hunt that the grandparents had put together.  Much laughter and running from room to room was done as the girls searched for each and every clue. IMG_0884

In the end there were princess treats for all!IMG_0888

Wela and BobBob, we love you!!  You raised an absolutely amazing daughter who in turn with her great hubby are raising 2 awesome daughters!  Hannah and I are blessed beyond measure to have each and every one of you in our lives and we cannot wait until the next time we are all together!IMG_0891

We love you Salsa Family!!!

Thank you for welcoming us into your home once again M3, TubaDad, Ro and Ree and for the wonderful visit!  We’re already looking forward to next time!


  1. Hannah is an inquisitive, darling little girl with a super momma. Come visit anytime.

  2. What is Hannah up to in that last photo??? She has the sweetest little grin! Too cute!!


  3. LOL Stace! It was the end of the day and that's her post-piggy hair + chewing on her shirt due to teething. Cuteness all around!

    PS - We're on the home stretch, only one more tooth to go! Yay!

  4. I know how much you love the Salsa Family and it should come as no surprise that they come from good stock. Lovely!!!

  5. I do not know you or ever seen you but I find it heartwarming all the family and friend things you do with Hannah. I always read yours and the Salsa blog. My daughter used to write a blog but gave it up so I have to stalk other peoples' blog. Keep up the great job! I love all the pictures.

  6. SUPER CUTE!!! Gee, Hannah looks so grown up!!!

  7. The friendship you've all developed is indeed very special and I know that there will be years and years of memories together to be made. I can't wait to read all about them.


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