Saturday, July 09, 2011

Shopping, Swimming, Playing….Crash!!

We had a fun, busy day today and there was just far too many exciting things to do to nap so we just skipped that!  A girl has to have priorities and today napping was not a priority.

The morning was spent taking a quick trip to Lowes to pick up a few things.  The girls all enjoyed riding in the special cart and looking at some Princess books.  Who knew you could find princess books at Lowes?IMG_0929LRs

Lunch is an exciting time as each of the girls gets to choose a portion of the meal.  Today Ro chose the protein, Ree the starch and Hannah was given the responsibility of choosing a fruit or veggie.  M3 has these neat little menu sheets that the girls look at (one for each of the categories above) and the girls choose their lunch from that.  It’s neat to see what they each choose and how the meal goes together with little fuss that it’s not what they want.  Ro and Ree are amazing little girls and get along SO WELL together!!  DSC_8615

Two things Hannah and Mommy have discovered this trip:

  1. Food is always more fun when cut into shapes
  2. Little picks make eating anything a wonderful adventure!



When the girls eat soup Mommy puts their hair into ‘noodle hair’ formation.  Hannah was only too happy to have noodle hair too and M3 and I giggled as we saw this teeny tiny noodle head that she created on Hannah!




Ro’s noodle slurped right up the straw!DSC_8637

After this yummy lunch it was time to go swimming!  The temp was a balmy 93o which felt much cooler than the 99o temps we’d been receiving the past number of days. 

This adorable little bathing suit was little Ro’s when she was just a baby!

Today I took along some floaties and wateIMG_0801r wings that were in M3’s garage and they were a wonderful help!  Hannah loves to swim and has more confidence then is probably good for her, but today her swimming skills mixed with floaties for assistance gave her the freedom and independence she wanted – even though Mommy knew she had to be within arms reach of her little fish!



I think Ro and Ree would swim all day given the opportunity!IMG_0910


Here’s a little movie made up of Hannah’s amazing swimming today!  Way to go Hannah!!

When we arrived home the girls were ready for a cool treat so M3 pulled out some yummy lemonade popsicles she’d made.   A fun treat on a hot summer’s night. IMG_0929The girls were still in full play mode so we decided to make some sidewalk chalk paint and let them get creative in the back yard.  What a fun little craft that was enjoyed by all! IMG_0937


By this point it was shortly after 7:00 and very quickly Hannah hit her wall.  An afternoon of swimming + no nap = early bed time.  I got her dressed for bed and then went down to heat her bottle.  I was gone only a couple of minutes but this is what I returned toDSC_8648

Sweet dreams baby girl!  Mommy loves you.DSC_8650


  1. Catherine - I never comment - but have followed you & the Salsa family for a long time (before Hannah even came home) and wanted to give you some info. I have a two year old that also loves to swim and to be 'free' of us holding him. We got him a Puddle Jumper (they have them at Amazon and Target- you know since you are here in the US :)) and it is great. Fits well, doesn't ride up and he is secure as can be above the water.... just an idea as before we found this he was often found in the pool wearing several contraptions to keep him afloat!
    Enjoy that rest of your vacation!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Catherine et all! Way to go Hannah!!!!! Nice floats!! Looks like you guys are having a great time! I believe it is just as hot here as it is down there. Have fun! Ohhh I also wanted to say I love the noodle hair. I am sure it will be a little while before Li Shun (still haven't decided on a Canadian name) has noodle hair, but I can't wait.

  4. Fun days = sleepy nights!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Looks like some serious fun. Can't comment on everything I loved about this post. It would be way too long. Here is the short list:

    Hannah's swim suit!
    How she looks when she she trying to suck up noodles!
    How much the friends love each other!
    How cute each and every girl is!

  6. It's so great to see them together. Looks like they really enjoy one another's company :)



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