Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!

(I’ve been having huge computer issues but TubaDad worked his magic last night and we’re back in business again.  Thanks TubaDad!!!  Because of this you’ll find that some of the posts are out of order.  Oh well!!)

In honour of Canada Day last Friday we all donned our red and whiteDSC_7280LR

and M3 microwaved mini pancakes for breakfast. Heh! She redeemed herself by serving them with pure maple syrup. Yummo! We haven’t been brave enough to introduce them to Poutine yet but we’ll just have to do that someday! The girls had made cute little Canada pins for us as a surprise. So sweet!!

Our vacation started with a trip to Gilroy Gardens which has quickly become a fun annual tradition! GG is an amusement park geared to kiddos 8 and under and the girls all had a blast! The weather was sunny and top temp was forecasted to be 83 so we thought it would be a great day to go!

Ro and Ree once again took Hannah under their wings and helped her in any way they could. Hannah’s enthusiasm didn’t always make it easy but the girls stuck right with her and I reined her in when she got to be a little much for her friends. IMG_0588

The 3 of them are so cute together and I sure do appreciate all Ro and Ree do to include Hannah in their play. She’s 3 years younger but I haven’t heard a single complaint out of either of the girls and they’re always looking for ways that they can include Hannah in their play. They warm my heart over and over and over again! Thank you Ro and Ree for the wonderful friends that you are to Hannah!

We began the day with a ride on the carousel. Here the girls are trying to decide the perfect horse for each of them to ride.



Taking Hannah on some slower rides even though these were a little below them. See? Sweet girls!IMG_0590

Braving the racing cars on her own


Try as she might, Hannah just wasn’t tall enough for the roller coaster. I know our challenge for the next few years is that she isn’t going to be tall enough to ride the rides she wants.


While M3 and the girls braved the roller coaster Hannah had a blast with some of the smaller rides. The goldfish are her absolute favourites by far!!


After lunch we checked out the dinosaur exhibit.


The final thing we did during our Gilroy Gardens day of fun was enjoy the great splash pad that they have. 

We quickly changed the girls and they ran and played in the fountains for probably 30 mins or more. Suddenly the water stopped and all went still. Uh oh….power outage. M3 and I decided we’d call it a day as we’d had a blast but the heat was just getting the better of both of us. (The girls were still running, jumping and skipping as if it were a cool spring day!)

We made our way back to the car and quickly turned it on to be fully immersed in A/C. When M3 turned on the car we realized why we were cooking….it was 99oF!!! Oh yah, the weatherman was off by a long shot and we were toasty!!!

All in all it was a great day of fun and we can’t wait to go again next year!



  1. I love that you wrote that Ro and Ree had taken Hannah under their wings and then the picture shows Hannah pulling them along! Too funny!

  2. What a great park and the 3 girls are just the sweetest. Love it!

    Keep smilin!


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