Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th!!

Hannah, myself and the whole Salsa Family are in full celebration mode for the 4th of July!  The past two days have been filled with parades, fireworks, BBQs, parties and so much more!  Unfortunately between my early riser, all the excitement and a computer that is giving me grief, posts are not happening as quickly as I’d hoped.  Oh well, I’ll keep trying. 

As I write this it’s 9:00am Monday morning and Hannah and I are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm temps in the back yard.  She’s been playing in the sand area for more than an hour baking up lots of yummy treats while Mommy enjoys quiet time reading, catching up on emails and trying….again, to get a post to go up. Hopefully this one will work!

There is so much to say plus pics and videos to share but for now I’ll leave you with these two that a little guy at the party took with M3’s camera yesterday.  Hannah had an absolute blast with all the kids here!  As well as Ro and Ree there were 13 others for her to play with and she was in her glory!

This one gave Mommy a little start as you see, I was in another part of the yard when this one was taken.  She’s quickly taught herself how to climb up the ladder to the monkey bars and can get to the first rung but then she’s stuck.  I was talking with new friends when I heard this desperate little cry for, ‘Mommy!  Help!!!’ and saw this!IMG_0707LRs

Oh yes!  Hannah is all about doing what the big girls are doing and she’s keeping up well.  Mommy on the other hand may need to re-dye her hair earlier than normal this month!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!   We hope you have a great day!!IMG_0842LRs


  1. All caught up and so happy that all the travelling went well and good times are being had. Enjoy!!!

    Keep smilin!

  2. What an amazing time you guys are having! Thanks for checking in with us, we are still waiting...

  3. Sounds and looks like you are having a great time! The photos are too cute!

  4. Love the last picture and the hair dye comment :)



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