Friday, July 22, 2011

A Moment in Time: Highchair Scaling

My dear friend Kayce has begun a series on her blog called ‘A Moment in Time’ and I love her idea!  Each week I want to capture moments that are precious, everyday things (or once in a lifetime opportunities) that capture where Hannah is at at the moment.  At the time I think I’ll remember these moments forever but I know that just isn’t the case.  So now I have a reminder to capture them and another reason to take hold of them and save them for the future.  Someday Hannah and I can look back at these moments and enjoy them together!

This week’s ‘A Moment In Time’ entry is one picture that accurately captures where Hannah’s at right now.  One of her favourite sayings is, ‘I do it all myself!’  This particular night she was ready for supper and I just wasn’t getting to the high chair fast enough so she scaled the back of it and dove in head first!  Oh how I laughed when I turned around and saw those cute little feet in the air!IMG_1051

I love the independence she is showing and yet I also love that she’s not afraid to ask for help either.  It makes for a win-win situation.  DSC_8707She tries (and often succeeds) in doing things herself and when she needs some extra help she’s not afraid to say, ‘Mommy!  Help!’  Perfect!!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! It is so true that we wont remember this moment of independence one day and now you can look back and get that same giggle you had when it happened. :) I'm so glad you're doing this with I said, our kids will treasure these simple moments (and the big ones) captured for them. Love ya my friend!

  2. What an adventurous spirit. I personally would've had a heart attack if I'd seen that. Good for you for not running over the way I would have and letting her figure it out on her own.


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