Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hannah is 2 Years Old!

Two already? Truly, how did that happen???

What an absolutely amazing little girl my Hannah is!! Babyhood has all too quickly been left behind and she is now all toddler. She loves to smile and shares that smile freely with others. As we walk through the grocery store she is known to smile at others and sometimes even call out ‘hi!’ When we leave a store she’s quick to say ‘thank you’ and leave with a wave. She brightens so many lives with her sweet, sweet personality!

I cannot tell you how many times she makes me smile every single day! Hannah has a sweet personality and love oozes from her! She will spontaneously come up and give me hugs and kisses and loves to cuddle and snuggle. When we first met she didn’t like anyone to touch her hands. Now we fall asleep each night with our hands intertwined and throughout the night Hannah will gently call out, ‘hand’ which means she wants to hold mommy’s hand. Such sweet and precious moments.

As she has grown, so has her wonderful personality! She has a spunk that will take her far. She is also full of energy and loves to run, jump, climb and spin. People often tease that she skipped directly from crawling to running as she’d prefer to get places fast. We are attending a gymnastics class and already in just 3 short weeks her confidence has grown. When the teacher says it’s water time she runs across the gym and quickly finds her water from amongst those on the shelf. So smart!! If I could just convince her that the bed is not another trampoline I’d be doing well! She has no fear so I need to be on my toes and let her know when things are safe and when she needs not to do something to be safe.

Hannah has so many wonderful friends and it’s really neat to watch them change from playing beside one another to interacting and playing with one another. They are creative, imaginative and a true delight. Tea parties are a fun part of each of our days and I really look forward to these. Hannah is a great hostess and always makes sure Mommy’s cup is filled with tea and a cookie accompanies it.

This year when Hannah has gone from crawling to running and climbing. She handles the stairs very well and is still cautious which I truly appreciate.

Enter video caption here

Hannah has shown what I believe is to be wisdom beyond her young age. She is a logical thinker and often surprises me. Last week I opened the fridge and asked her to put something in. Without me saying a word she reached in and pulled out a small container of yogurt and put the larger container in the spot and then placed the smaller container on top. Wow! At the same time she’s still learning and growing every single day. I’d be happy to do nothing else but watch her explore and learn about the world around her.

Lately, my busy, busy girl has also started to enjoy her quiet time a bit more. For a while I teased that she had two speeds: fast forward and sleep. Now she will sit and enjoy a story that I am reading to her or even take a book and quietly and patiently turn the pages, chattering about what she sees on each page.

Speaking of chatter, Hannah has the sweetest little voice and she loves to chatter all day long. Often the words are understandable and other times it’s just sweet little baby talk. For months now she has understood virtually everything I have said to her and now she can respond. No longer does she just ‘parrot’ what is said to her, she takes the initiative to talk with me and tell me what on her mind. Precious, precious little girl with so much to share!

There is so much more I want to share with you about all that is Hannah but that will need to wait for another post. More to come....I promise.


  1. Congratulation to Hannah on her birthday. Hope you have a fantastic day, Hannah!

    Hanne from Denmark

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

    PS. Loved the stair descent!! Good thing she's got some padding on that tush!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet girl. She is everything that you describe and so much more. We love her so much and she has added so much joy to all of our lives.

  4. Happy birthday! What a great day! And what a special girl.

  5. Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!!! Sending you huge loud hugs from CA.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY are soooooo precious, keep smiling!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Hannah , you put a smile on your Mommy's face each day.
    Happy 2 nd Birthday . Karen

  8. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Hannah!

    Catherine, your BABY is growing up!

  9. Happy Birthday, Hannah! Your friend, Siena.

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! You are such a treasure.

    You and D are of the same school of stair descent. You on your bum. D on her belly. Both at express speeds!

    Keep smilin!

  11. Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl!!! Sending hugs from GA!!!

  12. Happy 2nd birthday, sweet sweet Hannah!

    Catherine, we definitely need to plan a play date for our girls. I'll be in touch very soon.

    It is such a wonderous miracle to watch our little ones grow. I've learnt so many things from my precious little girl. This is a beautiful age.

  13. Happy 2nd birthday to Hannah. Hope she had a wonderful birthday. :)

    Becky and Meigan

  14. I'm so HAPPY to be able to share our Birthdays! Wish I was 2 tho'! Happy (belated) Birthday Hannah!
    ~Susan in MT.
    Momma to Kylie Mei
    our Guixi Sweetie

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!! You are a precious little girl!

  16. I love this life story the two of you are writing!

  17. Happy HAPPPPY (belated) Birthday to you sweet Hannah!!! Being two is fabulous and I know you're going to enjoy every minute! Lots of love and many blessings to you sweet girl!

  18. Happy Birthday Hannah! They truly are amazing little ones, each and every day. Although Sunshine can walk down the stairs all by herself, she sometimes takes the express route, on her belly feet first as taught to her by her big brother.


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