Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy Noo Noo To You!!

Birthday celebrations spread over 8 days.

7 birthday cakes to enjoy.

14 candles to blow out.

More love and excitement than I can express!

These past 8 days have been filled with so many birthday celebrations for Hannah that I’m guessing tomorrow she’ll wonder what’s happened?  Hannah is loved by so many and they all wanted to celebrate her birthday in a special way so we partied over and over and over again!

You know what’s so neat?  Every-single-time we began to sing Happy Birthday to her her little face lit up and she was absolutely adorable.  That little face is captured well in the first video below.  By the end of the weekend Hannah was even joining in on the singing and today serenaded herself on more than one occasion.  The words are creative but there’s no questioning what it is she’s singing.  Enjoy the cuteness!

Sweetest voice there is!!

And we continued after a quick call from Hannah’s cousin who had been trying to call her for a couple of days to wish her a Happy Birthday.  Thanks Noah!

Celebrating 2 with the love of my life!!!

I’m working my way through many pics and videos so there will be more birthday posts to come but for now, wanted to share these with you.


  1. Adorable! Happy birthday, sweet girl!

  2. So CUTE!!!

    Happy HAPPY Birthday Hannah!!! It sure sounds like it has been an amazing week of celebrating!!

  3. OH MY GOSH !!! Such a sweet voice singing, she is precious !!!

  4. How Sweet! Can't believe your baby girl is 2! Heck can't believe my baby girl turned 5 yesterday.

  5. Very cute! I'm glad that you are able to celebrate Hannah's birthday with so many loved ones.

  6. Awe! Happy Birthday to your sweet angel. She is growing up so quickly.

  7. Such a talented, singing, sweetie pie!

    Keep smiling!

  8. Sigh...so sweet! We were so happy and honoured to be a part of the festivities!


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