Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dance Hannah Dance!!

My parent’s bought Hannah a great DVD for Christmas and it quickly became a favourite!   It’s a personalized DVD called Jesus Loves You and is comprised of many favourite Sunday School songs that have Hannah’s name in them! How fun for her to hear her name over and over while learning how God loves her. 

As Hannah (all too quickly) grows and changes, her language is exploding!!  In the video below you’ll hear how she’s learning to sing along, often chiming in the final word of a sentence.  (The other day she shocked Grandma Dale and I when we began to sing Jesus Loves Me and she sang along to the degree that we could hear the tune and many words too!)

While Hannah is enjoying the singing, the dancing is right up her alley too.  Here she is in action earlier tonight.  I’m not too sure what she’s doing when she’s tugging at her shirt but I’m sure when I watch the DVD with her again it will become evident.   Check out the cuteness!!

Unfortunately I have a sick baby on my hands one more time.  She started with a fever last Tuesday which carried on for a few days.  A trip Urgent Care Thursday morning resulted in a new diagnosis for Hannah – pneumonia.  It’s a mild case that is not uncommon (or as dangerous as when adults get pneumonia) but still, she’s not well and has a slight ear infection too.  Poor sweetie!!  She’s a trooper through it all but my heart aches when she’s sick.

Tuesday evening I put on her DVD hoping to make  her smile even when she was feeling so punk and you can see here that she didn’t disappoint.  Even laying down she can get her groove on!

Hannah is on the mend and after 4 days on antibiotics she’s starting to feel more like herself.  Last night for the first time in a week she slept all night without waking which was great for her and a treat for Mommy too.

Praying my little sweetie is feeling better soon and ready to dance up a storm!


  1. Sorry Hannah has been sick, but glad she's on the mend. It's wonderful that she loves music; it's one of those things you can always take with you and pull out when you need to relax!


  2. OH NO! I wonder if she got it from J. I'm so sorry that we exposed her. Ugh. Poor little thing. Chick has another ear infection but was cleared for pneumonia. Hope Hannah feels better soon.

  3. Ruby, You're right! We take music with us everywhere. I wonder if Hannah has picked up on the theme yet? Quiet classical music or the beautiful Chinese music CD we own means I'm trying to calm her down for a nap in the car. Loud, fun beach music means: let's party!

    K, Please don't concern yourself at all sweetie. Sickness just happens and we make it through. She's going to be just fine and we wouldn't trade our time with you for anything. Hannah and I are both a little under the weather today so we're having a quiet pj day together filled with play, stories, snuggles, tissues :o) and more.

  4. that is precious! hope she is feeling better soon.

  5. That's so cute! How great that she can learn about the Lord in such a fun way!

  6. Nothing like mommy to cuddle with and Jesus message :)

  7. Sorry that Hannah has been sick and hopefully she'll be back 100% very soon. Cute video, the girl has a good sense of rhythm.

  8. I hope Hannah is feeling better very soon!!

  9. The music is always on here too! Love the little dancer!

    Keep smilin!

  10. Glad to hear she's feeling better. Love love love watching her dance and sing. That's just too much cuteness!


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