Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Week Celebrations Are In Full Swing!!

Hannah may not turn 2 until next Sunday but birthday celebrations are already in full swing!  There are so many that want to celebrate her special day that we’re spreading the fun out.  Just the way it should be – a week of partying for my sweetie!

Sunday afternoon Nana and Papa, Great-grandma and Great-grandpa had a cake for Hannah where she learned how to blow out candles.  P2200503

I can’t believe how grown up Hannah is!  Babyhood has been left behind and she’s a fun, spunky, precious toddler!P2200504 - CopyAs well as some pretty new summer clothes, Hannah received a wooden beads and string gift from Nana and Papa.  When she was playing with it Sunday she quickly figured out how to put the dowel through one side of the wooden clothes but couldn’t figure out how to pull it through the other side.  Monday morning she tried again and we were both excited when she learned the second step of how to pull the string through.  Hannah is learning new things daily if not hourly!  What a great age she’s at!!  This video really captures Hannah’s sweet, fun personality and again, her adorable little voice that I could listen to all day long.   (Cute penguin pj’s were a referral gift from Mommy’s friend Special K who is ohsoclose to receiving her referral for her daughter Mia!  Thanks Special K!)

More birthday week celebrations to come…


  1. Happy Birthday to Hannah. Another exciting time for you all!


  2. her little voice & the way she say's Nana!

  3. Cool lacing set. Sunshine has rainbow shaped beads. I haven't seen a set like Hannah's around ehre.

  4. Hannah is so adorable. Happy Birthday, precious little girl! We'd love to schedule a visit, as Charlotte has a little something for Hannah. I love the beads--Charlotte got a set for Christmas from friends in England, but the are cars, which aren't that girly girl, which I just love and can't get enough of.

  5. such a little doll. love the sweet voice. what a change from when she first came home.


    Happy, happy Birthday Sweetheart!

    Love you Bunches,
    Your friend in Atlanta, Ga.

    Miss Lila


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