Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Celebrating Noah’s 2nd Birthday

Hannah’s little buddy at daycare is Noah and he’s just 10 days older then she is.  This past weekend we celebrated Noah’s birthday with him.  The party started at Build-A-Bear where Hannah made her very first bear.  It was so cute to see her going through each of the steps with the rest of the children. 

Noah the birthday boy.  (Noah is the son of Hannah’s amazing, wonderful daycare provider Ange.)DSC_6924

Hannah and her bear whom we (meaning Mommy) later called XiaoXiao  (Sh-owe Sh-owe) Bear as Hannah has recently begun referring to herself as XiaoXiao, a nickname I’ve called her for long based on her Chinese middle name.  DSC_6921

Waiting patiently to add the stuffing to her little bear.DSC_6927

Putting the fluff in. 


Noah’s big brother Owen is another one of Hannah’s daycare buddies. DSC_6935

Hannah did really well waiting her turn for each of the steps even when she got creative in how she waited.DSC_6938

Tucking XiaoXiao Bear’s heart deep within.DSC_6939

Time for bear’s first bath.

Final stepping.  Naming her bear.


All boxed up and ready to go home.


I couldn’t resist taking this little video of her carrying the box that was half the size of her. 

Happy Birthday Noah!  Thanks so much for inviting Hannah and I to celebrate your special day with you!!


  1. WHEW!

    I get worried about you when you don't post for so long. I miss seeing Hannah and hearing you talk to her in such a tender loving way. If you've been sick I hope you're all better!

    SO good to hear from you.
    God Bless You both.
    Miss Lila

  2. She's getting so big Catherine!! What a sweet girl!!!

  3. So cute. We haven't been to BAB yet but I'm sure we will end up attending a party there before long.


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