Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Pancakes!

A friend sent a neat link to me a couple of weeks ago and I immediately knew when I would try it – for Hannah’s birthday!!  Cake Batter Pancakes!!  Who knew?  I wonder how long has this recipe been out there without me knowing about it? 

Realizing Hannah’s actual birthday is going to be a busy day/weekend, we enjoyed this celebration with just the two of us on Monday evening which was Family Day here in Ontario.  Even better!  Hannah and I had fun making these  together and after a few burned pancakes we had it mastered. Looks like one of the burners on my stove is beginning to run high.  Uh oh! 

Warning….these are not for those trying to lose weight nor those trying to cut down on sugar but, if you’re looking for a fun, delicious, colourful way to celebrate a special occasion then this recipe is for you!!

Adding sprinkles to the batterDSC_6960

The most colourful pancakes I’ve ever seen!


As I said, they’re a sugary delight.  Yes the topping is made of a runny icing with yet more sprinkles!!DSC_6967

No birthday celebration is complete without singing Happy Birthday and lighting candles.  (My family laughs that I’ve been birthday candle challenged since I was a kid!  You can hear here that it took Mommy more than I try to help Hannah blow out her candle.)


Mmmm…the cake batter pancakes were delicious and we’ll have them again for sure!

Happy Birthday Xiao Xiao!  Mommy is really glad that we had this opportunity to celebrate your special day together.  I love you with all my heart!!  xoxoDSC_6969


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!

    Love the pancakes! I think I may try this soon! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Happy birthday to Hannah! She's getting so big! Her hair looks so long, too.

    What a fun pancake idea!

  3. Looks yummy!!

    I love the 'action' shot with Hannah getting ready to blow out the candle.

  4. What a FUN idea!

    I follow that blog and I remember when she posted those pancakes. I NEVER ever thought to make them for Z on his birthday. Thanks!!

    Happy, Happy Birthday Hannah!! I can't believe you are 2!!!

  5. Wow Hannah is already 2..where has the time gone?! Such a beautiful little 2 year old you are Hannah. Cute pancakes too....

  6. Mommy: "Are you gonna be 2?"
    Hannah: "no!"

    Sounds like a two year old answer to me :)
    Happy birthday to your precious girl.

  7. Soooo Precious, still love that smile she always has. Happy Birthday Hannah, i hope you have many many more wonderful birthdays with Mommy. Enjoy your special day always !!!! God bless you both.

  8. Oh yeah, now THAT'S a pancake!!!! Love it, and glad you guys did too. You know we'll be trying those soon.

    xoxoxox, and big bday hugs to sweet Hannah,

  9. YUM! Those look delicious, and it looks like you guys had so much fun making them.


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