Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Craft for My Valentine

Last week I saw Miss D’s beautiful Valentine craft that her mommy found here and I knew it would be one Hannah would enjoy too.  We went about gathering supplies and on Monday when we were cuddling at home since we were both sick, it was a perfect activity.  (Hannah has turned the corner and is doing much better.  Thank you to all for your kind words, emails and prayers.  We greatly appreciate them!) 

Here is Hannah creating her Valentine Window Art.


I love, love, love to hear her sweet little voice chatter away!  I still haven’t figure out what she was saying at the beginning of the video.  Any ideas?  I’ve also noticed how much more concentration she had on this craft than on our Christmas decorations only a short 2 months ago.  Enjoy the sweetness! 

The finished Valentine! DSC_6858

Oh yes, she has my heart!!DSC_6860





  1. Hey Catherine. Glad Hannah is feeling better. Hope you are too.
    I listened to the video but can't figure out what she's saying either. Does she watch any Mandarin videos? Sounded a bit like Mandarin to me. Meigan watches some (Little Pim) and sometimes I can't even figure out what language she's using, let alone what she's saying. (Meigan watches a lot of Dora too so she has a smattering of Spanish as well). :)


  2. It's beautiful! And of course I love all the pink-her rosy cheeks, her fuzzy outfit, the actual craft. Happy Valentine's Day.


  3. Super duper fun time! Awesome work of art Hannah!

    Keep smilin!


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