Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amazingly Blessed With Friends and More Friends!!

I remember when I first began my wait for Hannah, one of the real concerns I had was about playmates for her.  I wouldn’t say I really ‘worried’ about it as I’m not a worrier by nature but I was concerned at times for sure. 

At the time I was 38 not a kid, and most my friends had children who were already in school and some were nearing their teens.  I’d find myself wondering if Hannah would grow up mainly surrounded by adults unless she was at school or Sunday School?  That would have been ok but truly it’s was not my heart’s desire for her.  My heart’s desire was to have a group of friends myself who also had young children so that we could all spend time together as families.

Well, I need not have been concerned.  As always, God has provided in more ways than I ever could have hoped or imagined!!  He provided a sweet cousin for Hannah who is only 4 1/2 months older than she and as they’re growing up, they’re beginning to enjoy playing together which is such fun to watch.DSC_6158

God also provided SO many new friends for Mommy while I was waiting and now their children are Hannah’s friends too.  So cool!!  Our lives are full of love, family, fun and friends.  Who could ask for more?

Last weekend we were invited to hang out with some friends for the weekend and we couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.  Well, Mommy said yes and Hannah found out hours before we went where we were going.  She was going to see her dear friend Ben and she was excited!  Since our FL trip she talks about Ben daily.

My first attempt to take a pic of our busy toddlers together.   You can see that they’d much rather play than sit for a photo shoot! 

As bed time neared we turned on the TV for a little wind down time after hours of running, jumping and fun!  Check out the cuteness! DSC_6837

My little sweetie wanted a little more closeness (read: she wanted Ben’s chair whether he was in it or not!) so she took matters into her own hands.  I laugh that she seems totally oblivious to Ben’s concern.DSC_6839

All weekend it was ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do!’  What one would do the other had to do also.  Here they were running circles around the main floor each holding one end of a monkey.  Pretty appropriate!  DSC_6847 What a great age our kiddos are at!  Breakfast for two. Sure wish I knew what she was saying as Ben sure was enjoying the discussion.DSC_6845

All too quickly our time together was done and it was time for Hannah and I to travel home.  Hannah takes her goodbye’s seriously.  Ben? He thought whatever was on the TV was far more interesting that kissing some girl!  Heh!Feb 013

We truly enjoyed our time with your friends and are already looking forward to when we can do it again!

This coming weekend Hannah and I will be hanging with more wonderful friends.  Auntie K and mommy are due for some long overdue catching up while Hannah, Chick and Pea will enjoy their time playing, running and jumping together.  (Notice a pattern with Hannah’s play times?) 

I have to work late Friday night so don’t have to go to work until noon that day.  Auntie K and I are going to take the kiddos on a trip down memory lane tomorrow morning.  While we were on mat leave together we attended a music class on Friday afternoons.  Tomorrow we’re going to a class for toddlers offered by the same teacher .  I know the teacher will be excited to see them!  Here’s a pic of them at our first music class together in January of 2010.   They were all such babies! (Sorry about the awful quality.)

Imported Photos 00035

I’ll try to take a pic tomorrow of the children enjoying Zita’s new music class.

Hannah and I are blessed to share our lives with many friends.  Some mommy has known since she was young and others have come into our lives over the past few years.  Whether old or new, we treasure each of them and the time we are blessed to share together. 


  1. Such a sweetie! She has just gotten so big! I can't believe how fast they grow.

  2. Ben eating broccoli and cucumbers for breakfast?!?
    I think that Mr. Ben is simply outnumbered by the women in his life. He's learning to put up with them quickly!
    We are blessed to be able to share this experience of parenthood with you! Thanks for a fun morning. Looking forward to another play date tomorrow!
    I can't believe how teeny our babies all are in that photo of our music class!

  3. It's great that Hannah has so many friends to play with. And it's great Mommy has amazing friends as well :).

  4. Oh Catherine I think about that all the time - ALL of our friends have children that will be much older than Mhyia - who will we hang out with? Who will Mhyia play with?? Not to mention I want her to play with other little girls that have been adopted. I always thought we would have people near us in our travel group but our group went from 9 couples to 2 and I am not sure if the other couple is even still in the program :( I don't know anyone around us who has or is is on my mind alot.

    I pray that everything will work out as it is meant to - as it has for you - you and Hannah are so blessed with so many great friends!!

    On a side note...I can't believe how big Hannah is getting!!

  5. How fun!! Trying to get two toddlers to sit still for a photo op must be difficult.

  6. It took me a while to comment on this post. I am so so so happy for you and Hannah and so blessed to have you in our lives. But it made me sad for my girl to know that her special friends are so far away and our friends kidlets here are older than Little D. I wish we could all spend more time together. It is such a special time and over so quick that the time spent when they are young and with special friends is precious.

    Keep smilin!


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