Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still Doing Great!!

I'm happy to report that Hannah is loving this week with her grandparents which has made going back to work much easier on mommy too.   Yeah!!

They've done a lot of fun things together and it's neat to hear of their adventures when I get home (or when I call 5 times each day!)  I only called 3 times improvement for mommy even though my mom understands my wanting to know all is well with my sweet baby girl.

Yesterday Grandma and Bampa had Hannah and my 7yo nephew Noah too.  They had a great time dining at Denny's for breakfast and then heading down to a fun new park near Lake Ontario.  P8170536P8170540

Dad confessed that he put Hannah on this fun little spinner and gave her a little twirl.  What he hadn’t planned on was the wind catching her and spinning her faster!  Heh….my thrills loving girl quickly signed more and said ‘moy, moy!’ when it stopped and he took her off!P8170539

After fun in the playground the headed down to the beach and enjoyed time on the rocks and in the waves.P8170545


P8170557 P8170552

Thank you so much Mom and Dad for caring for Hannah this week!  I know she’s in the very best hands and I don’t worry about her at all while I’m at work.  I miss her like crazy but don’t worry.

This morning Hannah was so cute!  One of the last things I do before heading out the door is to put my work name tag on.  This morning she watched me put the lanyard around my neck, looked up with a big smile, said, ‘Bye!’ and happily waved at Mommy.  She was a-ok and ready for Mommy to go to work so that she could have fun with Grandma and Bampa! 

Thank you Lord for helping Hannah ease into this new period of our life so well!


  1. All kids should be so blessed to have their transition in such loving arms!! That park is beautiful! Think your parents can watch me this week and bring me fun places?

  2. Catherine,
    I do believe our prayers have been answered!! Yes, Yes, Our Heavenly Father IS SO GOOD!!

    Hannah is thriving because of your excellent care!! She's as beautiful as ever and secure enough in your love for her that she knows you'll come back to her!!

    Thank you soooo much for blogging and keeping us in the loop! We are all so fond of you both!!!

    Much Love and Many Hugs,

    Miss Lila aka Nannie
    Ilana 6
    Sadie 4
    Baby Ruby 7wks

  3. going back to work is SO difficult. I'm glad Hannah and you have transitioned so well to this change!

  4. Hannah is doing so great, I'm thrilled for you. You're so lucky to have your parents. I wish mine lived in Canada close by me!

    I also cannot believe how grown up Hannah looks in that picture at the water edge holding your Mum's hand. Wow...slow down girly!

    I'm heading back to work next year when Lilah starts school, I dread the thought. It sounds like you work for the gvnmt, me too.


  5. That is great!!

    Daphne also loves that spinny thing.

    Keep smilin!

  6. I'm glad everything is going great =)
    (Not sure if I've commented here before=))
    I love that dress Hannah is wearing! Sweet!=)

  7. It sounds like Hannah is ready for Disney World! Good thing she is getting some practice young!

    It's so great that you putting you name tag on was such a good cue for Hannah. Have you thought about maybe saving it to put on at daycare next week when it's time to leave? Somehow to me it seems like it signals that Mommy is leaving, but she knows you are coming back. I thought it might be a nice way to bring a part of the leaving from home routine to daycare to maybe help her understand that you leaving her there is just the same as you leaving her at home. Although I have a feeling that no matter what she will do very well!


  8. That's a really good idea Jen! I was going to put it on just before we left for daycare but I like your idea of saving it and putting it on there to help her with the transition time. I'll do that for sure!

  9. I stumbled across your blog while looking for info on the Dao County SWI. I believe my daughter may have been there at the same time as yours! She was born in March of 2009 and went right to Dao County SWI. We got her in March of 2010.
    My email is
    I'd love to talk more!

  10. Ah, the perfect arrangement! Looks like everyone is really enjoying this new phase! Love the beach pics... beautiful!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  11. Catherine, I've been thinking about you all month. Just checked in to see how the "back to work" transition is going... so happy it's going great! I'll continue to pray for you both in these next weeks of a new routine.

  12. They are certainly having more fun than you are! Glad to see her happy face with her Grandparents!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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