Monday, August 16, 2010

Congratulations Debbie and Dave! Welcome Charlotte!

Last month Hannah and I were invited to join a travel preparation meeting of families from our agency. They had just received their referrals from Hunan province and 2 of the babies were even living at Hannah's Social Welfare Institute in DaoXian, China!! You can imagine that I couldn't say 'YES!' fast enough!! July 18th we travelled into Toronto and shared a wonderful day with 5 families who were preparing to travel. It was great to share of our group's experiences and be able to answer some of their questions.

Another huge opportunity that this gave me was to be able to send a photo album filled with pictures of Hannah back to the nannies in her orphanage. What a precious gift this was to me and I know will be to them too! Thank you Chia-yi and Laura for delivering this for me!

Yesterday as my heart was aching preparing to go back to work (another post about that soon) I was at the same time excited for these new friends who were just hours from meeting their babies. Last night it happened and now 5 beautiful baby girls are with their forever families!!

Debbie and Dave have a blog and you can check out their precious Charlotte and the other babies here!
Congratulations friends!!

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