Monday, August 16, 2010

God is SO Good!!!

As much as I dreaded the arrival of today, God once again showed His love for us in caring for both Hannah and I in amazing days.

My day began bright and early at 5:30am. I tell you, 5:30am is not nearly as exciting when you're getting ready for work as it is when you're getting ready to travel! None the less, the alarm went off and after swatting the snooze button a couple of times I was awake for the day...and feeling ill. The tears began early as Hannah dozed peacefully beside me, totally unaware of the changes that were about to take place in our lives.

I got ready for work and she slept. I cried. Mom and Dad arrived to care for her and I had to gently wake her. Ugh! I hated doing it but there was no way I was suddenly going to leave for an extended period of time without spending time with her and reassuring her that mommy would be coming back.

Once she woke up she was a happy mite and excited to see Grandma and Bampa! Books and toys were strewn about before I left the house and she was clamouring from one lap to the other, excited to spend time with them. (Although this was not the original plan to have Mom and Dad care for her this week, I know that it is one of the many things God orchestrated and I believe will help ease her transition to mommy going back to work. She'll get to know that I leave and then come home later, all the while being surrounded by love...and spoiled! her grandparents. God is SO good!)

While mom and dad were downstairs playing with her I'd be playing too then run upstairs, cry for a bit, then come back down with a cheery face for Hannah. This happened a couple of times before I was ready to head out the door.

After a quick stroller set-up and collapsing lesson for Grandma I was on my way. Brave waving from both of us and happy smiles quickly faded to tears as soon as Hannah was out of sight. I waited for a bit at the end of the driveway, just so I could clear the tears to drive safely.

I arrived at work and immediately met a number of people whom I haven't seen in a while. Some I was ok with, others who I'm closer too caused tears to fall again. All I had to do was hear Norma's voice cheerily say, 'Hey! Some one's sitting in my desk!' and I was a blubbering mess! :o)

I eventually found my new work station but still did not know where I was going to be working as the project I'd left in October was completed during my absence. I was thrilled to find out that I'd be working on a project I had interviewed for last fall. I wasn't successful in the interview but they're bringing me on board on a learning basis and I'm super excited! I've had some exposure to this project before and worked with the girls on the team and they're wonderful and work like a well oiled machine. I know that I'll be busy which is always a good thing when you're at work. It's also a fun team with one coworker whom I have a great friendship with and she and I just know how to work and have fun at the same time. Watch out Rachelle....I'm back!! :o)

I called Mom and Dad within half an hour of leaving and Hannah was doing great! There had been no tears for her and she was happily enjoying breakfast and letting Grandma know that she was OK to feed herself thank-you-very-much!

After breakfast they got her dressed in a cute little dress and even managed to get a piggy and bow into her hair! I'm impressed! They went to the passport office, Babies R Us for a mirror for their van so Hannah could see them and then to McDonald's for lunch. Another call by Mommy confirmed all was well. Even though I knew she was just fine I just needed to know! By this time my sweetie was tuckered out and she fell asleep in the van and Grandpa transferred her into the house and she stayed asleep! Woo hoo!! (In my vehicle she's still in a bucket seat so I just carry her in in that. Yes, still well under the weight limit and also the height so I'm still using it as she sleeps in the car often. Will move her soon but if I don't have to I'm not going to as the bucket works well for both of us).

My friend Joy offered to come and meet me for lunch and it was wonderful! I wasn't sure how I'd be doing so another friendly face was very welcome. It ends up that I was doing well by this time due to Hannah doing so well and the added bonus was lunch with a wonderful friend!

After nap Grandma and Grandpa filled Hannah's ladybug pool and it was time for some swimming fun in the courtyard. Love this little bathing suit! I'm not a huge fan of babies or children in bikin1s but I figure it's just fine in our own backyard.

The day went surprisingly quickly and before I knew it it was time to go home! Yay!!! I hurried to my car and couldn't get home fast enough! I think I almost took the turn into the driveway on 2 wheels and ran in to scoop Hannah up! She was excited to see me and we shared lots of hugs and kisses. Soon enough she wanted down and we played for a while and oh how good it was to be home!! God is SO good!!

She was in such a happy mood and I was so thankful that she has this week to share with mome and dad! They all love one another so much and it's a gift for her to spend this quality time with them.

After mom and dad headed home Hannah and I shared a wonderful, fun time around the dinner table together. You can tell from this video that she did amazingly well when mommy was at work and was happy to see me when I was home. Oh what a fun little tease she is and oh how I love her!

Work is good. Hannah is great and yet I still say with a smile on my face, 'Only 4 more sleeps until the weekend!!'

To all who prayed for us, emailed and/or called....THANK YOU!! You are greatly appreciated!

PS: God is SO good!!!


  1. Aww, she is just such a happy, precious little girl!

    Glad everything went so well for you both on your first day back to work. I'm sure your parents are loving this special time with their granddaughter. She is such a joy, they likely will miss watching her next week!

    It is a tribute to your conscientious, loving parenting that Hannah is so well adjusted, happy and trusting.

  2. So glad it all went so good. I kept you on my mind, because i know this is very hard for us Mommies. It only proves to me what i always knew about you (even though we are strangers ) that you love and adore your little angel, and that is exactly how it should be. Congratulations on Day 1. Soon you will be a pro lol.

  3. Its so precious, isn't it? coming home to the screams of "Mummy!!!" Glad Hannah survived ok! (and Mummy?!!)

  4. Glad that things went better than you thought and it will hopefully get easier for you. Good that Hannah had such a fun day with her Grands.

  5. Oh yes He is SO good! I've been saying many prayers for you both over the last week as I knew yesterday was coming. I love that Hannah was with her grandparents because I know it gave you peace and the strength to make it through your first day back. Hugs my friend and know you're always in my prayers!

  6. Oh Catherine,
    I am so glad that yesterday went so well. We thought of you often and said a little prayer for you. Hannah is a very loved and lucky little girl.
    Jules and Molly

  7. So glad things went well! Yeah!!! And I agree. God is very good!

    Love to you and your cute babe!

  8. Catherine,
    Now I can take a deep breath!
    Oddly enough I felt Hannah would do fine. I was more worried about you!
    Me and the girls are so happy it went well!!

    God Bless You Both!!
    Miss Lila & granddaughters

  9. I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear that everything was ok for your first day. Don't be afraid to call and check in on Hannah every day. When I worked at a Daycare/Preschool, we would get calls from parents all the time. No big deal. If they complain, they might not be the right place to send Hannah.

    I'll keep you in my prayers.


  10. Yay for you both!

    Also--I laughed when I read your comment about babies in bikinis. I've always felt the same way... until my daughter came along. Boy it is so much easier to change/potty with a 2 piece. Now that she's a bit older (5) we've compromised and bought a 2 piece that looks like one.

    Glad you both had a good day!

  11. Glad to hear it went well. I wish all of us single moms could win the lottery so we could stay home with our babies.

  12. Great to hear!! Hugs!

    Keep smilin!

  13. So glad things went well - I can't even imagine how I will be on that day.
    Hannah is getting so big - and she is soooo happy - I am so happy for you both!!

  14. Bless your heart. I know that was a heart breaking morning for you. Glad Hannah had fun. Hope you have a wonderful (and fast)week!


  15. I'm giggling watching the video! She is growing so fast! What a beautiful little girl. I second Special K on winning the lottery! =)


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