Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bubble Time Fun

On a recent rainy day I took the suggestion of my friend Joy and pulled out a pan of bubbly water for Hannah and some kitchen gadgets to play with. She had a great time and I know we'll do more of this in the future, especially when the weather cools in the fall. Bring on the bubbles!

I've found that Hannah is allergic to bubble bath so I'm happy to have found a way for her to enjoy bubbles again.


  1. Another fun activity for kids/toddlers is the rice bin. Get a large rubbermaid bin and fill it with rice and then add in a number of interesting toys from the dollar store. My daughter's favorite items were the cardboard hollow tube, straws, spoon and scoop and rubber balls. It entertained her on those long wet days we have here on the west coast and it is so easy to clean up. It is also very cool to the touch and on a hot day when kids can't be outside it helps to beat the heat

  2. My kids don't even care about the soap. They both LOVE a paint brush and plain old water. It's one (of very few things) that will keep them busy for an hour or so! Love that cute girl of yours!

  3. I think most over-the-counter bubble baths are skin drying. Cady tends to get itchy over the littlest things as well, so we are very cautious.
    I've found one that is not skin drying and does not make her itchy, and it's the ONLY one I use on her.
    You might want to give it a try. It's a little pricey but it smells so good, and has NEVER caused her to rash. We let her use it on the bath nights when she doesn't have to wash her hair. And she has never complained about it hurting her eyes.

    Avalon Organics Bath and Shower Gel "Lavender"

    The Lavender smells really nice, and it's the only scent I've found that holds the bubbles long.
    BTW, sometimes she stays in the bath till her feet get pruney, so no allergies with this stuff for her.

  4. To make it less messy a water filled floor you could place her in the bathtub with the containers of soapy water and utensils.

    Kids love rice but you have to be careful of kids this young putting the grains in their mouth and swallowing them or choking.

  5. It's so fun to catch up with you! You two make a beautiful family!


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