Saturday, August 29, 2009

Video of Radio Dedication

Yay! They played my request! It was really neat to hear the DJ's voices as they learned a little of our story. They talked about our travel group both before and after the request was played. Fun!! I called them afterwards to thank them for playing it and also to answer they questions they had posed.

The picture isn't exciting to watch but the content moved me to tears...again. I think part of my bladder is permanantly parked behind my eyes right now and I'm guessing today will be no different!

Enjoy!! Baby Baby by Amy Grant!


  1. I loved it!!! Of course I cried listening to it! I know it didn't happen yesterday but today is it! You are going to be blessed with that photo very soon! Enjoy the moment and the time with showing Hannah off to your family. Priceless moments! When you are done, your big adoption family out here will be waiting to share in the joy! It's finally time!!!!

  2. Oh my! I cried too. It just made me flash back to almost 4 years ago, on October 5, the same emotions, when they showed us that darling picture....needed air, cried and thanked the Lord.

    You are blessed and enjoy this day. As I write this note for your I am looking at my darling daughter who is dancing and started kindergarten yesterday. (She will be five next saturday). Time flies by sooo fast, enjoy!

    I am thrilled for you,


  3. how cool is that!!!!

    I cried smiley happy tears!

    My Hannah and I can't wait to see you holding YOUR HANNAH!!


  4. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing! From your Kentucky Friend Linda

  5. Tears are rolling down my cheeks! That was so amazing!!!!

  6. Yep, tears here too! Soooo cool Catherine. I love it that you taped it. Oh and you'll always know what the weather was on the day of the dedication. LOL.

    Very special - thanks for sharing.

    Now go get that picture already! :)


  7. I got chills hearing that! So excited for you!

  8. Of course that made me cry. That was such a great memory for later. That is a perfect song. I never really sat and listened to the words before. They go great with it.
    I thought the same thing. Now you can remember the weather forcast on that special day.

    Today will be a great day.


  9. Catherine-- I've been a lurker of yours for what seems like years! I am so very happy that TODAY you get to see your sweet Hannah's face.
    She is absolutely blessed to have you for her Momma! May she know how very much she has been anticipated, prayed for, and loved.
    I truly have goosebumps for you!
    Congratulations and may God bless you and your new daughter!!

  10. Oh that just made me spill tears! How cool! Today is the day you gaze upon your daughters face for the first time! Oh baby baby!

  11. Awe! I cried. That is so sweet! And you captured it on tape! Good thinking!! I can't wait to hear how the photo meeting goes and of course, can't wait to see your sweet baby girl's face. Oh Happy Day!!

  12. NO IDEA how you held the video camera during that. My goodness. Made me cry, just knowing how long you've waited for this day.


  13. Wow! So special! FM, AA and I just listened to it and danced throughout the living room singing to AA that we went to China in a plane for our waiting little girl; AA loves to hear how she came home on the plane. Just all so happy, wonderful memories! You are so blessed, we can't wait to see you in China!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eleven Months!

  14. so so sooooooo exciting catherine...i have goosebumps as i type this!!! about your comment "bladder behind eyes..." that is too funny you say that. so does my mom and when she was in ireland a few years ago for a wedding, she gave a wee speech and cried...she used that expression and the whole place roared with laughter..they had never heard that they kept replaying the video of the part where mom says her bladder is under her eyes! anyways...congrats sweetie...your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  15. That is awesome!!!!!!!!

    Keep smilin!


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