Sunday, August 09, 2009

Blessed by Bloggy Friends...and, Rumour Update!

WOW!!! I was humbled and overwhelmed when precious bloggy friends hosted a shower for Hannah (and her mommy) earlier today!! Thanks so much Michelle and K1! The gift the group gave me made me cry (ok...their card made me cry long before I opened their gift!) and I am still in shock!! Can you believe I was speechless?!! They bought Hannah's car seat and I am SO thankful for their generosity! When driving home from the shower I found myself glancing into the back seat and having to remind myself to breathe as I saw her seat there. I have a car seat in my house tonight!! Wow!!! Thank you everyone!!

Liz and Ava also purchased some cozy and fun gifts for Hannah and also a few things for me to take to China to give away to the people we meet there. Thanks Liz and Ava!

This adorable bathing suit was sent by a special little friend. Isn't it cute?! Thanks friend!

Here are the wonderful friends who made today so very, very special and blessed Hannah and I with such an amazing gift!! Front row (l to r): K1, me, Karen. Back row (l to r): Rhonda, Cari, Liz and Michelle. Those there in spirit: Dolores, Doris and M3. Thank you so much for your emails friends! As much as I would have loved for each of you to be there I understand it wasn't possible and it was so neat to read your notes and kind words!
Thank you, thank you friends!! I am so very thankful for the friendships we have formed and that we continue to share. Love you!!

PS - The latest news on RQ (Sunday evening) is that there was possibly a 2nd agency (this one in the US) that received referrals Friday. If this is the case then I could truly be in labour!!! Don't know for sure and will try to get some sleep tonight but I'm afraid that the contractions (otherwise known as feversihly refreshing Rumor Queen) could mean very little sleep will be had. As always, I'll keep you posted as I learn more!!

Sweet dreams! Mine will be of a baby riding safe and snuggly in her beautiful new car seat!!

Monday Morning Update: I slept surprisingly well and only woke twice to go to the bathroom check Rumor Queen! So far, no new news this morning. No further referrals have been announced nor has anyone posted that their agency is expecting referrals today. So far, it looks like it will still be another week to two weeks before I see my sweet Hannah's face but we all know that this could change at a moments notice. I'll keep you posted should anything change.

Until then....still in awe that there is a car seat in my house!!!


  1. Great shower..
    love the gifts..
    Sounds like Hannah may be here any day now..
    I know you are tooo excited..
    I can't wait to see her cute little face..

  2. Great friends. Great gifts.

    Not much longer now :-)

  3. Was a wonderful afternoon we spent with each other! We are so blessed to be able to honor you and to help to welcome little Hannah into your life. Things are getting VERY exciting now and I can't wait until you get THE CALL!

  4. It's so wonderful to know that you are just so close! I have been checking rumour queen all day. It's great to know that someone from our agency will get their referral. It makes it seem so real. We have such a long wait ahead. I better with it somedays then others! It is just so nice to see you this close. Nice car seat by the way. Looks like you guys had a great time! Looking forward to seeing pictures really soon. Take care. Lisa :)

  5. I purposely made myself wait a while to check your blog today... as I have been checking it obsessively and I nearly had a HEART ATTACK when I saw the picture of the cake! Then I read the title and the post and realized it was not, in fact, referral time quite yet! AHHHH!

    The shower looked fabulous!

  6. What a great shower and such wonderful friends to host it for you! That car seat must give you major butterflies! COME on referrals!!!

  7. Oh the car seat experience!!! Just think in a year from now you will be so used of having Hannah sitting there that when it is empty, it will seem strange.

    What a wonderful group of friends and I keep praying that the referrals will be sooner than later but we know God's timing is perfect!!

  8. What a wonderful group of friends you have! It's almost Hannah time!

  9. I soooooo wish I could be there to celebrate Hannah with you Catherine! You have no idea!!

    I'm sooooo excited for you!! I bet this is getting unbearably exciting for you!!! :-) So happy for you my friend!!!

    Soooooooooo soon you're going to see your baby girl!!!!! :-) Yahooooooo!!!!!!

    Love ya!!!

  10. What a wonderful shower!!!! And what a blessing friends are. Plus, I love and adore Rhonda's look. Now I know how I can post photos of myself on-line. Only I won't steal Rhonda's leaf. Heh.

  11. You totally deserve all the gifts and love that are coming your way. Enjoy it my friend. I had so much fun and was honoured to be part of the shower yesterday.


  12. What a great day that we had yesterday. You certainly deserved everything!!

    It is happening VERY soon and we are so excited for you!!

  13. So fun!!!!! You deserve the best showers ever, my friend. I just wish I could have been there in person. Love seeing the pictures tho. :-) Oh, I can tell you now, by the way, but the other day when we were talking about carseats I was just DYING of laughter inside -- I swear I need a trophy for keeping that secret.

  14. What beautiful gifts for a beautiful mama-in-waiting! I have that same car seat for Solomon. I need to switch seats soon. My boy is getting big!


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