Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maybe the Stork Stopped for Coffee??

Sorry for the late post. I was up north this morning (am home now) and tried for over an hour to get an Internet connection but then found out that it was down all over the park. Called my parents and after them getting over the disappointment of this not being 'The Call', dad pulled up RQ and confirmed that nothing more had happened overnight to indicate that referrals might be received today. (It was funny to hear Dad read some of the comments on RQ where ladies are expressing their longings, desires and heart felt feelings of wanting referrals to arrive so that they could be mommies. :o)

The only lead we have right now is that there is an American agency saying that they're expecting a package on Friday. Will it be referrals? If so, will my agency receive their package Friday too or will there be one final weekend before receiving Hannah's referral?

It goes without saying that I'd prefer to receive her referral as soon as possible but if it doesn't happen until next week I've had a few days to prepare myself. Heh...can you tell I'm working hard on convincing myself that I can make it through another weekend if I have to?

Sharon and I were shopping yesterday and as normal I was drawn to the baby section in each of the stores we were in. It's wonderful and amazing to think soon...SOON I will know who my sweet Hannah is, how old she is, approx. how big she is ~ and so much more!! Can't wait!!! When we were shopping Sharon treated me to an absolutely beautiful CD called, 'China, A Romantic Journey'. It combines traditional Chinese instruments with a full orchestra and is absolutely gorgeous!! It's very calming which is a good thing right now! :o)

Until I receive 'The Call' ...tick...tock....tick...tock.......TRUSTING HIM!!


  1. The things we do when it is referral time! Especially when it is your turn!

    I am still holding hope that referrals arrive tomorrow and calls are on Friday.

    Here right next to you!

    Keep smilin!

  2. You've got to be just about jumping out of your skin. I know that I would be if it were me. But my time will come soon.

    Hugs to you! I hope you can find some way to get some sleep. I'm sure it isn't easy.

  3. Ah,,,the trials and tribulations courtesy of The Wait, with the saving grace being, your little pot of gold is at the end of this rainbow :)

    Holding cyber-hands and Waiting with you!

  4. Oh my word . . . this is killing me. I can't go through another weekend! Oh ya, this isn't about me is it?? :) LOL!

    I'm sure you'll survive in true Catherine style . . . patient as ever. Hang in there my friend and remember: All in God's perfect timing.

    Love you.


  5. grrrr......can't wait!! I admire your patience -- hope it's Friday!!!

  6. Have followed your blog and have been praying for you all along. Now that you are down to the final "days, minutes, hours, etc." it reminds me of when our daughter and family were "anxiously" awaiting word about their little girl from China a few years back. It also brought to mind of when I was pregnant and the doctor told me I would probably go early with the second child and when my due date came and went I was so frustrated and I remember telling the doctor to please never again tell a pregnant lady she might "go early". So I really can identify with you in your waiting! Praying word comes soon! Remember "One day at a time".
    In Christian Love,
    Praying for You and Hannah!

  7. Oh Catherine! How are "we" every going to get through another weekend! But isn't it wonderful to know that the match has been made and little Hannah is just waiting for you?! Fly storkie fly!!

  8. Eeeshhhh. You have such grace.
    Kudo's to your dad for delving into the depths of RQ.

  9. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! What can I say? Hang in there! OH! And hey STORK< if you are listening....... PICK UP YOUR SPEED ON YOUR FLIGHT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes storks can be known to take their sweet time:)))

    Take care!

  10. I also can only say SOON SOON SOON please let it happen SOON

  11. I too pray you don't have to wait another weekend! Sheesh! I'm barely able handle the wait this week I can't even imagine how it is for you right now!!! ;-)

  12. Just's only another 48 hours to go! I really do hope that it's tomorrow though.

  13. Hang in there Catherine! He's got it all under control! I'll bet you'll be amazed at the perfectness (I know, it's not really a word!) of when her referral comes. :)

  14. OH MY.. I can't imagine how you are feeling..but soon girly.. you will see Hannah's face...
    Just wish the stork would HURRY UP...
    Have a fast few days...

  15. Hang in there Catherine. I remember when we were waiting to hear our foster to adopt, we didn't know anything ahead of time so never could buy anything because we were open to two girls, boy/girl, twins, etc. We also were open to baby through age 5 so we didn't have a clue what kind of children we'd have. It was fun to browse but even better when I knew who our kids were and could actually buy!

    I hope you get Hannah's referral soon and do not have to wait another weekend.

    We have someone on our adoption board who is with that agency and she confirmed that her agency said it was getting a pkg on Friday.


  16. I have followed your blog for years now and I'm so excited for you. Our internet went down yesterday and you would have thought I was waiting for a referral. I panicked and got the internet guy out here ASAP. Back up know and hitting refresh often. Here's hoping your referral comes tomorrow!


  17. Sending a flare up in the hopes you know Miss Hannah soon.

  18. Keeping everything crossed that tomorrow is Hannah day!

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  20. heh heh Too many typos for my liking. Had to come back and fix them. ::ahem::

    This wait is soooooo, ummm...oh how shall we say....? Stressful!!! lol

    Catherine, once again you are the very picture of being within God's grace bubble.

    You are confident in the One who knows: He knows your Hannah, He knows the perfect timing, He knows why you wait, He knows it will all be so worth it!!

    Hang in there, cyberfriend. Soon. Very, very soon!

  21. It took 3 days for our referral package to get from China to Ontario...I'd say that means that things look VERY good for Friday... can't wait to "meet" Hannah!


  22. Really Catherine,
    you deserve an award for the all around best waiter attitude...I believe you are going to be so incredibly blessed

  23. Okay Stork - coffee break is over - lets get back on the road and bring Hannah's referral!!!!
    Hang in there Catherine - the call's comming anytime now!!!
    Lots of hugs,
    Andrea, Wes and Sarah

  24. Come on stork! FLY! FLY! FLY!
    Hang in there Catherine, Hannah is coming!

  25. Hey, just a random chick in KY who found your blog through M3, found hers through Lori, found hers through JTM when my friend adopted from China. Just wanted to wish you the best. I read these blogs so much I feel like I know you guys.

    God Bless!!


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