Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Babies!!!

What a wonderful week this has been as 2 precious friends have received their referrals and another friend has received her Letter of Approval and will be traveling to China soon!!!

Tuesday, Dawn and Dale were referred a precious 10month old baby girl! This little one lives in their province and mommy and daddy should be travelling to bring her home in only 2 short weeks!!

Dawn and I met in person in January of 2007 when I was in BC with Sharon and we spent a fun few days together! There is a small chance, depending on how the timing works with Hannah's referral, that we'll be able to meet again this June as I could be headed BC way again. That would be great but if I don't go it's because I'll be close to travelling to meet Hannah and that would be the best!!

Congratulations Dawn, Dale, Chase, Colton, Caden, Carter and Charla!!!

The second family to receive their referral are my wonderful friends Karen and Mike! I was teaching last night when Karen's name and number came up on the phone. My heart lept but, as Mike is also helping me with some computer issues I thought it could be that. I asked, with excitement, 'How are you doing?' She responded, 'I'm doing great! Really, really GREAT!!' and I knew she'd received her 'call'!! Woohoo!! Just last Friday when we were together we were talking about her referral. As much as she wanted the call to come soon she was pretty confident they were at least a month away from receiving it.

That was not the case and yesterday they received the call that their precious son (who is only 7 weeks old) is waiting for them in Ethiopia!! They're in the next waiting period now and hoping to travel sometime this summer. Maybe we'll travel close to one another??

Congratulations Karen, Mike, Victoria, Austin and Samara!!!

The third family is my friend Andrea and her hubby Wes. Andrea and I work in the same building and have become friends through our adoptions. Yesterday she found out that they have received their Letter of Approval which will allow them to travel to China in March to meet their beautiful daughter!! This has all happened so quickly and I'm thrilled for them!

Congratulations Andrea and Wes!!!

So as you can see, it's been a super exciting week of celebrating with friends! After times when it was months between referral celebrations this sure has lifted the spirits! So many friends to celebrate with and so many new babies to love!!



  1. new families make me smile. thanks for sharing this info with us

  2. Thanks for the post Catherine!!! It's too funny...I was thinking of asking you to post an announcement for me to "up" my visitors a bit!! lol YOU have such a wonderful "crowd" here!!! :)

    You are such an amazing friend to me and I can not wait to see God finish what He's started in your family!!! Hannah will be home SOON! I can not wait!!! :)

  3. Oh Baby! Lots of great news! Thanks for posting our excitement and for being excited right along with us. Let's hope all this baby news is contagious and you'll be sharing your Hannah news sooner than later too! Praying for you as your turn creeps closer and closer.


    P.S. Thanks for answering the phone last night even when you were in the middle of a piano lesson. You're the best! (oh, and sorry to your student for the interuption!) :)

  4. FANTASTIC! No greater news, than when families are created (and extended!)

  5. Exciting news all around. Isn't it nice to be hearing of referrals much more often now?!?!? Hope to hear your own shriek of happiness soon.

  6. How exciting..
    Have a great weekend..

  7. i love to hear news of new families being form !!! Praise the Lord !!

  8. Catherine: Check out my blog. I've left you a little something there. :~)

  9. Wonderful reasons to celebrate!

    Keep smilin!

  10. Congrats to all! Such fun to read about families and their babies.


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