Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friends at the Falls

When I found out that we'd be headed Niagara way this month I got in touch with Karen to see if she'd like to hang out for a day. It was exciting when she said yes and we started to plan a day together!

Soon after returning from taking Sharon to work yesterday Karen and Samara arrived and we were ready for a day of fun! Samara had been sleeping during the ride up so we woke her slowly as we sat in a coffee area in the hotel and enjoyed juice, hot chocolate and fun times together. Once she woke up a little Samara was happy to show me 'how big' she is by stretching her arms up high to the sky!
Our next stop was at the Butterfly Conservatory. A butterfly decided early on to get 'up close and personal' with Samara and she wasn't feeling the love for them as much. She liked to look but felt safest under the hood of her stroller. It was so pretty to see all the beautiful butterflies and yet at the same time see snow out the window. Fun!

For lunch we moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake which is a beautiful, quaint little town near Niaraga Falls. If you ever come to the Niagara area for a vacation be sure to plan in time to visit this wonderful little town!

We enjoyed lunch at a little Italian restaurant with a wood burning oven for cooking pizzas. Mmmm! Sticker fun!
'Cheese' with Mommy
On our way out of town we decided a good way to top off our fun day was chocolate! Karen and I snickered when we noticed Samara's chocolate hands although she was not too impressed with her chocolate covered fingers. This is a little girl who doesn't like to be dirty. Sorry! We'll clean them soon sweetie!
Guess she decided the best way to avoid her dirty fingers was to catch a little nap. Check out this adorable little sleepy pose and her hat! Guess that one will be heading to the laundray. A fun day wears a girl out!!
Thanks for a wonderful day together Karen! Love you friend!!


  1. We should all travel and share the love and friendship you take the time to do with others...
    You're an awesome person, yes you are!

  2. Hey, what a cute kid. Too bad she was a tad on the grumpy side.

    We also had a ton of fun Catherine. Always a pleasure hanging out with you!

    Love you too.


  3. You just never stay in one place for too long, do you?

  4. hehehe! That last pic is so funny!

    Good grief Catherine... I have no idea how you keep up with yourself - you are always doing something fun and exciting!!! I hope Hannah has lots of energy!!

  5. That is one cute little girl.. Love that last picture!!! I feel like that alot.... You are always up to something... What a fun Mom you will be... Linda

  6. Sounds like great day! The Butterfly Conservatory is one of my favourite places. I get how Samara might not think so right away, though.

  7. Catherine, I wish I knew you were here MacLean and I live in Niagara on the Lake, too bad would have loved to meet you.

  8. It's great being able to get together with bloggy friends.

  9. Looks like a wonderful day! Samara is such a cutie!

    Smiles! :o)

  10. You always find the best adventures wherever you go!

    I'm with Samara. That chocolate would HAVE to get off my fingers too...even if I had to lick it off ;0)

  11. You and Hannah are going to have such a great life together! You do so many great things. She is in for a treat!

  12. I'm so envious! I've never been to NF and it's somewhere I've always wanted to go. Maybe someday....


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