Thursday, January 08, 2009

Moooving Right Along

Ok, with the last two posts being about milk I couldn't resist that really baaaad title. (Oh ya, wrong animal) The title really has nothing to do with this post but I had to do it!

What is the topic of this post?


This is a week of celebration for local friends and bloggy friends around the world too as there are so many little ones to celebrate!!

A couple of local gals from our waiting mom's group are meeting their babies! B met her precious Benjaminh in Vietnam at 2:30 am local time today! Oh how sweet he is! Congratulations B!!

Another local gal and her family left for China earlier today to meet their son on Monday and also, Donna and Joe are on their way to meet their precious Lauren Elizabeth! Congrats L and A; Donna and Joe...and Grandma too!

A good friend (who doesn't have a blog...yet! :o) received her referral on Sunday and you'll just have to trust me when I say her little princess is beautiful!!

Last night many of us were delightfully surprised to celebrate Eliza's Mom's cute little son who was born yesterday and is already part of their family!!!

And, as we celebrate those already with their children or on the way, we also celebrate with anticipation the day when Tiny and Pipa join their families too!

For the longest time, families travelling to meet their babies were few and far between. It's not that way right now and can I tell you how excited I am for each of these families? Each of these precious little ones is a reminder that Hannah is not far behind and soon it will be me boarding a plane and flying to China!!! Now that makes my heart beat quickly and a huge smile is stuck on my face! If you watch carefully your might even see a skip in my step. Wanna join me??


  1. It's exciting times, my friend. Soon we will be posting on our blogs that "Catherine is meeting her sweet Hannah"!!!

  2. I'm going to be bawling buckets of tears when I see Miss Hannah in your arms for the very first time!!! :) Can't wait!!!

  3. Good Grief!!! Little Solomon was such a surprise (a wonderful surprise!!!) I had to shoot straight over there and see the little man! He's so weeeny!!!

    Hannah is definitely on her way!

  4. It is a wonderful time to see so many families come together.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Babies really are everywhere lately! I, too, can't wait until we will soon be celebrating Hannah! I'm off to the hospital to pick up my son!

  6. I am right there along with you with a little skip in my step too!!! It is exciting right now, because it is actually happening to people we know and people we have formed relationships with , OUR time has arrived!!!!!!

    Love, Kristy

  7. I just love watching you add those X's to that calendar!!!!!

  8. This is such an exciting time! I love seeing all these beautiful new faces!!!

  9. Oh you're so right, Catherine. There's definitely a wave of happiness sweeping across bloggerville lately. I think we went too long with not many babies coming home... and now the flood gates are opening. Which in turn has renewed the faith and hopes of those of us still struggling with the waiting part.

  10. Glad to be seeing such exciting times again!
    Can't wait for it to be your turn and see sweet Hannah's face!

  11. So so so exciting! And I didn't know Tiffany's son had been born! Oh my goodness! Gotta run! Be back!


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