Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I Tried...I Really Did!

But, I just couldn't resist playing with the numbers. Hey, the fact that I survived 21 whole hours before doing this has to say something. (Yes, it says my Internet access at home is still not working so I didn't have a way to get to the numbers I needed! :o)

After a few tears this morning (thanks for the shoulder Deb) I'm back on track and feeling better today about the 4 day Referral Batch. One of my favourite adoption sites to help me through the wait is the Rumor Queen (RQ). It's not everyone's cup of tea but I appreciate what she has to offer.

This morning I went to the most recent RQ LID poll. What this poll showed was that in the August Referral Batch of November 15-21,2005 - 120 people who had voted in the poll were included in those referrals. In September's Referral Batch of November 22-25, 2005 - 134 people who had voted in the poll were included in those referrals. Based on the poll, there were just a lot of files logged in those 4 days so they were not able to cover as many calendar days but still covered as many files.

This made me feel better for 2 reasons:
a) The batches seem to be fairly consistent with the number of referrals included
b) If this number stays the same in this next batch, based on the above poll I am very confident that the next batch will take us into December 2005. Merry Christmas!

Sorry folks who had LID's in November 2005 but this gal will be very, very happy to see the tail end of November and happily move forward into the month of December!

Even though I do these calculations, I'm still not brave enough to recalculate my anticipated referral month. Now that would just be depressing and I know my limits! Not-even-going-to-try...at least for this moment!


  1. I really hope to see a speed up soon. November has been just plain awful, taking six months.

  2. I've been wollowing all day...

    not doing well over here on this side of the country!!

    I actually was JUST sitting here thinking about our two Log in dates.

    Since meeting you and becoming such great friends...I've always hoped that we'd get our refferrals in the same month...seeing we are only about 2 wks in Log in dates apart.

    If not at the same time...I was SURE I'd be only one month behind you. Now...with these 4 day like batches...I could be like 3 MONTHS after you or something crazy like that!!!!

    I also just went over to the RQ poll site and noticed how big December seems to be...as well as how HUGE March is!! If it takes 5 or 6 mths to make it through March...and I'm April...I'll be waiting for FOREVER still!! And that's not even including however many months December, January and Feb are going to take!!!

    Ugggg....gotta stop thinking about it!!! lol Just depressing myself even more!!!

    I DO love you though!!! Thanks for everything you are to me!!!!

  3. No offense, but I am not reading this post. I am just going to stop in and say hi. I just can't bare to look at the numbers.

    Hi! ;o)

  4. Thank you for sharing that and shining some light on a dreary situation.

    Keep smilin!

  5. I think I will be collecting old age pension by the time my referral comes...I think I am 376 LID days away...sigh...

  6. I really hope you are right :) Thanks also for all of your encouraging words! I could not get through this without my blogger sisters!

  7. This was a good post..thanks for reasonings

  8. You're funny.

    I'm glad you found a shoulder to cry on.

    Here's hoping the next batch brings us into December!


  9. All the time I tell myself "this month it has to get better!!"...and not so much, ya know?

    I'm with ya sister!

  10. I'm glad your head is back out of the sand, I knew you wouldn't bury yourself for long...

    I must say though, I'm still kinda freaked out it's taken half a year to get through one month. And it freaks me out we're still referring in the SAME year I would have had Gracen's referral (which would have been on Sept 3,05 when my group got their referrals). The wait was just under 7 months for that group. Crazy...

  11. Hang in there! The wait is hard. But the reward is sooooo worth it. You are getting closer and closer.


  12. I can't even tell you how many times a day I hope that things will speed up - I am just praying that it won't go longer than 3 years (which is ridiculous). I think we are currently 277 days away - so all I can do is pray, pray, pray!! Try to keep your head up!

  13. Based on the polls I was actually happy that it was a whole four days!!! Keep your sunny side up!! They are moving forward.

  14. Glad you feel better. I think many of us want to start drinking.

  15. Love your friend Deb's gift! How sweet is she!!??!!


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