Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bloggy Bash Extrordinaire - Utah Style!

My dear friend Tawni (pictured here in Georgia with Susie on the far left, then Tawni and myself, Kris, Tracy and Krista)
offered to hold a BBQ on Saturday for some local families as well as those who had flown in for the Utah Bloggy Bash Reunion. Wow! There were so many people there (still not sure of the final count) and we had an abosolutely amazing time!

It was so neat to meet Tawni's husband and what a great guy he is!
He BBQ'd in the rain so that we could have hot, tasty food. Thanks John!!

Here is a pic of Tawni and John's 3 adorable boys and you know what? They're as kind and sweet on the inside as they are handsome on the outside!

It was also neat to meat Kim B and her family. Last year I followed their family as they travelled to China to meet Pearl (front) and I look forward to following their next journey to meet their son in the future! It was great to meet you Kim!

Before I left, Tawni gave me a beautiful gift to capture memories of Hannah. Thank you Tawni!! You are so generous and I look forward to the day when I'm creating pages for Hannah wearing her pretty pink shoes!

I love you dear friend and am SO GLAD that we were able to spend some time together. It wasn't nearly enough but I'll be back for sure and you know that you're always welcome here too. I couldn't believe that we didn't get a picture of the two of us together but that could have a lot to do with the bloodshot eyes we were both sporting after our teary goodbyes. (((hugs))) sweet friend. Miss you already!! xo


  1. Wow Catherine! What an amazing get together... I'm so glad you all had such a great time... I really look forward to meeting you again at our annual GA bash!

  2. Catherine,
    It sounds as though you had an amazing time and that the friendships that you have made through the adoption community were solidified in deep and meaningful ways. How wonderful!!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed our state! It was so nice to meet you.
    -Maylin's mom

  4. How fun! That is awesome! So good to have good friends on this journey!


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