Sunday, September 30, 2007

Favourite Pics of Utah Bloggy Bash....

Wanted to share a few more of my favourite pics from the trip....

Ro(l) and Ree(r), smiling for the camera

Tess, Queen of the Taggie. Seen here with Taggie III, or Taggie IV....or maybe even Taggie V!

Lisa and I, knowing Tess' love for her taggie, wanted to make her feel welcome right from the moment she saw us so we decided this would be the very best way to meet her at the airport!

She knew immediately that we were 'her people!'

I snickered when I took this pic of Tiffany and told her that she was exactly what my image of motherhood is going to be, right?

Tess' first piggies! Isn't she adorable?!!
On Sunday afternoon at the Children's Museum Ro allowed me to hold her hand as we walked over to visit the horse. Oh my what this did for my heart!! Thank you Ro!!!

Maisie grocery shopping at the museum

Ro and Ree feeding the horse

Mary-Mia and I. So happy we were finally able to meet!!

Eliza was adorable when she put black olives on every one of her teeny tiny fingers!

Ree helping out and drinking for 2. Look at those adorable little eyes! If you listen carefully you can almost hear her giggles through this pic.

Tess...all tuckered out after a long weekend of fun and adventures with her friends!

Sweet, sweet memories indeed!


  1. I LOVE that picture of you and Rose!!!

    You're getting to meet some of my most favorite bloggers!!!

    How lucky!!

    Glad you had a GREAT time!!

  2. What fantastic pictures...ALL of them.

    I am a personal fan of Ms. Olive Fingers though :0)

  3. Love the pictures!! I too loved the olive fingers.

    Catherine you are the most travelled person I've ever met. What a great experience to travel and meet these wonderful people from all over. Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

  4. Oh my! The pics get even better! Yes, motherhood is rather relaxing!!! He he he he he!!!!


  5. Oh you got some GREAT photos!! How fun. Love them all. (Don't forget to upload them to our Flickr group so we can all save them).


  6. Great pictures! Looks like you had a marvelous time!


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