Wednesday, March 28, 2007

RRRoll Up Ramblings

I'm happy to report that this year's roll up stats are a great improvement on last year's dismal 4/91 winnings. Yeah!

For those new to my blog and living outside the Canadian borders you may not know what 'Roll Up the Rim' is all about. Basically, many Canadians are Tim Horton's coffee drinkers. We're hooked on our Tim's just as many of my US friends enjoy their Starbucks. you can relate! Anyway, once a year in the late winter/early spring they have a contest called 'Roll Up the Rim' to win. You can win cars, iPod's, $$$, TV's and the all important coffee and donuts.

Most people would think, 'oh that's nice' and that would be it. Not in my office! The competition is on!!! We create spreadsheets, flow charts (we are IT people after all) as well as graphs and emails....lots and lots of emails! :o) We brag about our winnings, gloating all the way back to Timmy's. We treat ourselves to cafe mocha with our winning roll ups when normally we wouldn't put out the extra cash. What fun! Honestly, it really is a lot of fun and great for group morale.

This year someone finally did it. Last week Norma's husband John bought her an official 'Rim Roller!' Well look at that! It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a gadget to help us roll up the rim! (My teeth are thankful for the reprieve.) Norma brought hers in Tuesday and by Wednesday night Russ was heading into the city and purchasing stock large enough for our entire group. What one has the others all must have in order to compete on a level playing field! Besides, who doesn't love a new gadget?

Here's a demo of the first time I tried Norma's Rim Roller:

You can see I needed practice. So I've practiced 11 (yes e-l-e-v-e-n) times with my new Rim Roller and have not won anything since!! I have a defective Rim Roller! It only rolls up 'Please Play Again' or, as we prefer to refer to it 'Please Pay Again'.

So there you have it folks. The latest and greatest in this year's Roll Up the Rim contest. I'm happy to say that I've won 4 coffees and 2 donuts from the umm...*cough* *cough* 51 coffees (yes...I keep track!) I've bought! If you're wondering how this might be affecting me I'd say, 'Not at all!' and here's a picture to prove it! :o)


  1. The rim roller is hilarious!!! I keep biting my Tim's cups too -- whoever created that is going to make a million bucks.
    Can't believe that you all keep track like that -- fun! I've been a big loser this time around - only won 2 coffees.


  2. That picture is tooo funny!!!

    I love your rim roller!!

    Sadly the nearest Tim's is 2 hrs away for us! I'm sure my pocket book is thankful for that!

  3. You are a hoot!

    I am 2 for 25...yuck!

    Keep smilin!

  4. I've never had a Tim Horton's! But I do love cafe mochas, and I love contests...have fun and I hope you win!

  5. That gadget is too cool!!! To bad I can't stand coffee...I think I'm the only one I work with that isn't rolling their rims!

  6. Wow! You guys are SERIOUS about your rim rolling in the Great White North :0)

  7. oh my heck! This is too funny! :)I'm a sucker for competitions so I'd be stopping by for coffee ALL the time, just to win! :)

  8. You guys are hilarious! I can't believe you actually make charts and everything. And the rim roller? That's too funny!

    Janet T.

  9. FUNNY! FUNNY!! FUNNY!!!!!

    That is hilarious. I guess it is good that you have something to look forward to during your long winters.

    The picture is so funny. Made me laugh outloud. I say go back to the teeth. Gadets are fun, but it is all about luck. Like those ball players who wear the same underwear and things like that. LOL Stick with what works. How cool it would be to win a CAR!!

    Keep us posted!

  10. Wow....that rim roller is fantastic. Where on earth did you find it? I've been doing pretty good on winning coffees (average about 1 win a day) but can't win anything other than that.
    I don't drink Timmy's coffee but I do drink about 3 steeped teas a day.

    Here's hoping we roll up the big one soon.

  11. OMG....your too funny!! I need one of those rollers too....those cups hurt my teeth and make me gag!!!
    I havent been keeping track of my purchases vs wins....but the wins dont come often enough!!!
    I WANT THE CAR OR $$$$!!!!
    Good luck!!

  12. I want to go to Tim's with Norma - she seems to be the luckiest!

    I have heard about the rollers but have never seen one - very cool. I am sure the people in the stores are glad that they don't have to touch stuff that people have had their mouth all over!

  13. Your posts on roll up the rim are just hilarious. I can't believe the graphs . . . and the rim roller - unbelievable! Glad to hear you're doing better than last year. (must be a good year for you)



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