Saturday, March 10, 2007


Just a quick reminder for those affected that Daylight Savings Time begins over night tonight. Yeah! It's time to spring ahead. Longer evenings are coming our way! Does this mean spring is just around the corner? I sure hope so!


  1. I hope it means that spring is around the corner!

    It is going to be dark in the morning again...I was liking the bit of light before I arrived at work...

  2. MOI too! Although I don't really like getting up one hour earlier......still, it's SPRING, so who cares? :-)

    Janet T.

  3. Bring on spring!!! I'm looking forward to March going out like a lion.

    Happy Day Light Savings Day.

  4. I walked outside yesterday and it sure smelled like spring, sounded like spring with the birds chirping away. Now if it could only green up and look like spring!

    Then last night we heard frogs and crickets ~ sure signs of spring!!!!

  5. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! During this wait anything that involves springing ahead in any way is good news!!!!!!!

    Saint John,NB
    lid dec.19th/05

  6. Thanks for the reminder, the only part I don't like about changing the clocks is losing the hrs sleep, but being able to see the sun shining later in the day is always a plus!!!

  7. Ugh- the change always messes me up but I love the the longer evenings. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Oh how I wish I read your blog yeterday!!! We discovered the changed time just as we were getting ready for church - needless to say, we missed it! Oops - I'm usually on top of these things but it's definitely a lot earlier this year.



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