Sunday, June 29, 2014

So Many to Thank!

As we prepared for Hannah’s final days of JK by preparing thank you notes and gifts, I was reminded just how many people share a part of her school day and how important each of them were in making her school days hum along.

In the morning Hannah was with her daycare provider Ange for about 20 mins. as they wait for Hannah’s bus and then went back to her after school.IMG_3904

I tell you, on those windy, –20oC days last winter I felt guilty (and very thankful) for Ange who was willing to wait with Hannah to make sure she was safely on her bus.IMG_3854


The bus took Hannah to school where Mrs. C and Miss H taught Hannah so much!IMG_3896

After school Hannah would go back on the bus to her final daily helper – Miss Marcia. 


Because of the difference in the time from when Ange’s kids get out of school and Hannah’s bus arrived 40 mins. later, I needed to find someone to walk Hannah from the bus drop off to Ange’s.  We met Miss Marcia in October of last year and she has been a huge help to us and I was so thankful for her!  Unfortunately Miss Marcia is moving this summer so once again I will be trying to find someone to walk Hannah to Ange’s beginning in September.  I thought I had a lead on someone but that didn’t work out.  Please pray with me that God will once again provide a person to help us out in this way.  Who knew my biggest child care challenge would be the 5 min walk home from the bus each day?

Thank you to our small daily group of friends who ensured Hannah was well cared for each and every moment from the time I dropped her off until I picked her up almost 9 hours later!  We are thankful for each of you!


  1. Does Hannah's school have an after care program?

    1. No but even if it did it isn't something I would be interested in. Ange is AMAZING and their home is like a second home to her! For us, it's the perfect place for her to be!!

  2. What a great group of "villagers" to help with Hannah. It's amazing how many people it takes to make it all happen. I don't know what I would do without my "people." Here's praying you find a solution to the bus time slot. It's always nerve wracking when you have those loose ends!


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