Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Day of JK

How could it be that today was already Hannah’s final day of JK??!!DSC_1258

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Mom and I were dropping her off for her very first day of ‘big girl school?

I hadn’t realized how much my sweetie’s face had changed over the year until I saw these pics side by side.  She lost much of her baby face and it’s really matured.  *sigh!*

DSC_1211DSC_1252 - Copy

Hannah had an amazing teacher this year and I cannot express how thankful I am to her for all she taught Hannah!  I had the awesome privilege of helping in Hannah’s classroom 1 morning every 3 weeks and I cherished those mornings!  I was able to see Hannah learning, growing, interacting with her classmates and teachers.  This is an opportunity few parents get and I was so thankful for it!

Mrs. C. taught Hannah and the others how to problem solve rather than solve the problems for them.  She would ask them leading questions that caused them to think about resolutions to problems.  This is a skill Hannah and her classmates will be able to use for the rest of their lives! 

Being in a classroom with 21 4-6 year olds you know things don’t always run smoothly and yet never once did I hear Mrs. C or Miss H raise their voices.  They got their points across in a calm manner that still conveyed the message required.  What a gift to have teachers who knew how to commandeer a situation in a loving, caring manner and calmly resolve a situation.  Another lesson the children learned without really knowing they were learning it!

The skill I’m most excited about Hannah learning from Mrs. C in JK is the beginnings of reading!  It is so exciting to see Hannah pick up books that I have read to her and she begins to read them to herself and then ask for help as needed!  Last week as we drove across the city she read a long book out loud and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  I love this new world that is opening up to Hannah and Mrs. C is responsible for starting this in her.  Thank you Sharon!!!  Hannah and I now read on a daily basis and not only has her interest grown in reading herself but she is also enjoying me reading our first chapter book to her.  We are enjoying ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ and she asks me to read it to her almost daily.

Hannah and Mrs. C – an amazing teacher who has given Hannah the foundations of learning that she will use for the rest of her life!!

Sharon, Hannah is taking on your love of books and reading and for this and many, many…many other reasons I want to say Thank You! IMG_3888

Hannah was also blessed to have a great Early Childhood Educator (ECE) teacher in her class.  Miss H is a sweet teacher who enhances what Sharon teaches and shares a lot of time with the kids too.  I would often see and hear her working with the children in circle time and encouraging them to share of their experiences and also what they were learning.  The other special part of Hannah’s relationship with Miss H was that she was the one who welcomed her to the school each morning as Hannah arrived on the bus and was the one who cared for her after school until the bus arrived and then made sure she boarded it safely.  Toni, thank you for all you’ve taught and meant to Hannah this year!IMG_3889

Mrs. C and Miss H are an amazing team and Hannah was so blessed to have them both this year!IMG_3896

As I dropped Hannah off this morning I fought the tears and then as I arrived to pick her up at the end of the day they were there again.  Even though Hannah doesn’t realize it at this time, I know that today was a huge day in her little life!  A day when my baby girl went from being a JK to being a JK grad and now ready for SK!!!

I am forever thankful that at Hannah’s school they see consistency as important.  We are both super excited that not only will Hannah have Mrs. C and Miss H for her teachers again next year (Woot!  Woot!!!) but, the 10 other JK kiddos she shared the classroom with her will also be together as the SK children who will guide, share and welcome the new group of JK kiddos who will join there classroom in September!

Have a great summer Mrs. C and Miss H!  We’ll see you in September for another amazing year of learning, growing and experiencing new adventures together!!  We love both of you!


  1. Fantastic that Hannah had such a great year! And incredible how much she grew!!! Have a terrific summer!!!

  2. I'm so glad to hear Hannah enjoyed her teachers & that she gets the same ones next year! How cool! Oh my, yes, she did change a lot once you see third pics side by side! Where are our babies?! Sigh....

  3. She is growing up so fast!!! So beautiful!


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