Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gymnastics Graduation June 2014

Hannah just completed her 2nd Session of 5 & 6 yo Girl’s Gymnastics and I can see her skills steadily progressing.  It’s not unusual for Hannah o lose interest in an activity after one or two sessions (In our home if you start a session, you finish the session even if you lose interest) but so far gymnastics is  one of the few activities that she’s enjoyed for an extended period of time.  Hannah has been taking recreational gymnastics for 3 1/2 years now and other than taking a break each summer, she attends classes each Saturday morning September through June.

It is neat to see her having fun with the other girls in her class and working on her skills.  Hannah is working hard on slowing herself down and concentrating on her skills.  Love her little face concentrating in this video and the sweet smile even when she needs to climb up and try again. 

My cute little monkey just hanging out.IMG_3738


Hannah with Coach Sydney.  She had her both terms this year and she loved her.  Sydney was a great coach!  Hope she is her coach again in September!IMG_3746 - Copy

Congratulations Hannah!  I love to watch you doing something you enjoy so much!IMG_3741

PS – Hannah’s adorable Minnie Mouse gymnastics outfit was a gift from our friends Liz and her DD Ava.  Thanks so much Liz!  It fits her perfectly and she looks adorable in it!!

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  1. Way to go Hannah! I love the pic of her hanging upside down! And the Minnie Mouse outfit? Well, I'd never take it off! :)


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