Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Weekend of Birthday Fun

I celebrated my 40-something birthday last month and together with Hannah we shared an entire weekend celebrating. 

Friday night my parents and niece took us to our favourite Chinese buffet.  Hannah was camera shy for the fist pic. IMG_3658

I tried to have her pose for a pic with Mom and I but her cooperation just wasn’t there.  Oh well, she’s 5 and knows her mind!IMG_3660


Saturday morning when we woke up Hannah said she wanted some time to herself and went downstairs.  I’ll be honest and say that I  had a few moments of disappointment as it was my birthday and my girl chose a rare moment to want time to herself.  Within a short amount of time she called me to come downstairs and excitedly shouted, ‘Happy Birthday Mommy!!!’  Birthday 4Awe!  She had made us breakfast (cereal with chocolate eggs on top of it plus cheese and crackers.  Mmm!)  She had also set up the couch with all her friends and blankets for us to cuddle under.  We snuggled together chatting for more than an hour and it was a precious, memorable time.  She’d also made me a sweet card and filled a bag with some of her Easter eggs and candies that we still have hanging around.  Love her tender, caring heart!! IMG_3664

In the afternoon we picked up our free birthday yogurt (1 bowl, 2 spoons please!)Birthday 2

and then headed to a local park to share some time together.  Heh – I was surprised how small this park seemed.  The last time we were there she was 2 and it seemed so much bigger.  Guess it’s my girl who has grown!Birthday 3

We were invited for a BBQ at a friend’s home that night and it was great to spend time with them.  Hannah enjoying a birthday cupcake.  Thank you Auntie Shell!!  We enjoyed spending the evening with your family.

Birthday 5

We wrapped up the weekend of celebration with a birthday lunch with Nana, Papa and Grandma Dale.


Thank you for a wonderful birthday weekend everyone!  It was perfect from start to finish!!  Thank you for celebrating with me sweet Hannah!  I love you!!IMG_3674


  1. What a sweet girl! Surprising you with a birthday breakfast! I really like the pic of you 2, with you in the yellow top & Hannah in pink.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Catherine!
    I bet that fro yo creation had nothing on your breakfast ;)
    What an awesome weekend and I'm sure memories to last.

    1. You're so right! No fro yo can compare to my sweet girl preparing breakfast for me from her heart!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks as though you had a lovely weekend!

  4. Happy birthday! 40-something is exactly how old I am! :)

    1. 40-something is a great age!! Happy to be sharing it with you friend!!!

  5. Sounds like a perfect birthday! Your girl is so stinkin' sweet! I LOVE her polka dotted dress! (Happy Belated Birthday BTW!)

  6. Happy 40-Something Birthday, Catherine!!!!


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