Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father’s Day Grandpa and Papa!

We celebrated Father’s Day today and had a wonderful time together!

It was a big day as it was Hannah’s first swim in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool this year.  She was pretty excited (as was Mommy) that she could now stand up in the shallow end with her full head above the water!IMG_3755

It was a little chilly so she wasn’t in for long but she still has her first swim under her belt.IMG_3752

After a delicious steak dinner in honour of Father’s Day, Hannah was excited to share her gifts with Grandpa (r) and Papa (l).IMG_3775

Hannah chose matching mugs for Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandma received a Minnie mug like this for Mother’s Day and now Grandpa has the matching Mickey Mug.  My Disney lovin’ girl – no surprises here!IMG_3766

We have a new frozen yogurt store in town so she bought Papa a gift card for there as well as made cute frames for Papa and Grandpa.  Papa, if you’re looking for a little cutie to go to Menchie’s (Hannah calls it Munchie’s) with you and Nana, I’m pretty sure I know who would enjoy joining you.


Grandpa makes out well on Father’s Day as school and daycare both change her gifts so that they’re for Grandpa.  IMG_3804

I am so thankful to Grandpa and Papa as they (and so many other male family and friends) play such an important role in Hannah’s life!    We are blessed and thankful to have each of them in our lives!

We love you Grandpa and Papa!  Happy Father’s Day!!


  1. What great men! You're so blessed to have them actively in your life. Your family seems so fun and close. Love you all!

  2. What sweet gifts she made! I think the one with the saw might be my favorite! Marin can stand in the shallow end of our pool this year too! Fun!

  3. What fun! And what a special way to spend Father's Day :)


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