Thursday, July 03, 2014

Cottage Time ~ Canada Day 2014 and Beach Fest

For the first time in 7 years sadly we will not be headed to CA to celebrate July 4th with the Salsa family.  It’s a tradition we thoroughly enjoy and plans are already being made to return next year but this year I just couldn’t quite swing it.  The last 2 years we were blessed to travel on points and credits earned by volunteering to step down from an overfilled flight.   We are well on our way to having enough points for next year so all going well, July 2015 will see us spending time with our awesome friends!  Miss you like crazy M3!!!

Because of the change, Hannah and I headed up to visit Mom and Dad at the cottage they rent in Muskoka 1 week earlier than normal.   As I sit here on the deck blogging, these are the views I am currently enjoying.  Ahhhh….beautiful!!!IMG_3998


Hannah and her cousin Makenna are currently at a children’s program that is offered each morning and Mommy is enjoying a couple of hours to herself.  Smile  Hannah has also moved into vacation mode and allowed us to sleep until 8:30 this morning.  A special treat for sure!

It is so nice this year to not only spend time with my parents and niece, but my brother, SIL and their 2 youngest are here too so the girls have lots of time to play together and we have lots of time to visit.  A rare treat when they’re normally shuttling their 6 kids here and there and Hannah and I keep our schedule full too.

Yesterday afternoon (Canada Day for us!) Canada Day

we spent time together at the beach.  A great way to spend an afternoon for sure!IMG_3952  Tuesday afternoons are ‘Beach Fest’ with face painting, cotton candy and a sand castle building contest.  The girls worked long and hard…IMG_3949


to create their masterpiece!!! IMG_3955

The judges came by and carefully inspected their hours minutes of hard work, cheered for them and even took picture of their submission. Winking smileIMG_3957

The excitement was too much for the girls and caught in a moment of shyness, they hid behind a couple of trees!IMG_3959

So you can see how tight this competition is going to be, here is another submission.  It’s a tight race for sure don’t you think?!!IMG_3956

Although Kallen napped through the official contest, he and daddy enjoyed some sand castle building fun of their own once he woke up.IMG_3973IMG_3972

The girls love spending time together and we never seem to finA d enough time.  I’m so thankful for these few days they have to share together.  Ahhh…family time.  A special summer treat!



  1. It is amazing how green and lush it is there. Here in California everything is brown and dry looking from no water. We are being very careful about watering and hope next year things will be bright and green again. Send us any rain you are not using! 8-) Have fun on the 4th even thought that is not celebrated there.

  2. What a fun trip! It looks beautiful! That sand castle the girls built was pretty amazing! lol :) Stiff competition!

  3. I love the picture of Hannah &
    Makenna in their blue & pink suits! Such sweet cousins! Is Rebecca Makenna's big sister? It looks like you are having a great time, though you would be hard pressed to find me anywhere other than in one of those chairs by the lake! Ha! It looks like such a peaceful spot! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. Rebecca is the DD of my other brother so all 3 girls are cousins.

  4. It was not the same without you here, my friend! A good fourth, but too quiet and missing my partner in crime. :-)


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