Saturday, June 21, 2014

May’s Picture Montage

I’m enjoying doing these little catch up posts at the end of each month that gives me the opportunity to record pictures and stories that haven’t been included in other posts.

Hannah’s friend from school Meghan came to our home as the girls waited to go to a birthday party.  We snuck in a quick piano practice and it was sweet to see them sharing the bench together.  Hannah played really well for her friend.  We should have her over at practice time more often!IMG_3438

A few friends and I started our month with a girls night out going out for supper and then attending a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert.  What a wonderful evening!IMG_3456

Morning treatsIMG_3465

Sweet notes to Grandma and Nana for Mother’s DayIMG_3468

I used to babysit each of these cousins when they were babies.  Where does the time go?  Such wonderful, godly young men Christopher and Daniel have grown up to be!    IMG_3480

My sweet girl with one of her favourite ‘flowers’IMG_3491

We recycled this old TV.  I knew we needed to have a picture with Hannah so that someday she can tell her kids, ‘When I was a little girl TVs were huge!’IMG_3656

Not a lot this month but….that’s a wrap!


  1. Love your blog and the fact that you have kept it up over time. Most people have long ditched their blogs and left them hanging. I have looked at yours from before you got Hannah. You are a wonderful and dedicated mom and you should be proud. Hannah is a sweetheart with a great mom and family. Keep the photos coming because I love them. Your photo skills have improved immensely. I love the one you took of a niece or a friend in the water a couple of years ago where her hair is in a total curve.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Catherine and Hannah!! I am loving your blog! Such a beautiful story!! Anyway..I have nominated you for the Leibster award. Come check out my blog for more information!


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