Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Cottage Fun!

Hannah was excited to spend time at Hoppers with her cousin Makenna each morning and evening while we were at the cottage.  Sometimes Mommy went to chapel and other times I enjoyed the free time to rest, blog and read. Smile  IMG_6653
Friday after morning chapel the kiddos came in with their counsellors and shared some of what they had learned that week.IMG_6614 - Copy
IMG_6615 - Copy
The girls did so well and both enjoyed singing on stage.  This video makes me giggle as Hannah is a beat behind everyone else.  So cute!!
Noah was there with his class too.  What a sweetie my little nephew is!IMG_6609 - Copy
There are lots of activities that families can participate in.  This week my brother Dave’s family won the scavenger hunt and Justin also won for the largest fish caught that week.   Way to go!IMG_6619
After we left the chapel the older kids were able to launch the rockets they’d been making in their group during the week. 
Even after how high it flew Josh was able to find his when it came down!
It was great spending time with you at the cottage Dave, Trish and family!  Let’s do it again next year!IMG_6679


  1. Looks like a fantastic week! Welcome home!

  2. Thanks friend.

    It came through to me like this.  (see below)

    I have a troll (or trolls) that I'm trying to get rid of so MM helped me install some software that shows me the IP address if all people who post and I then have the option of blocking their comments....wish I could block them from seeing the blog completely but haven't found a program that does that yet.

    They like to leave such delightful comments like:  'I sure hope your daughter doesn't end up obese like you.' or, 'Do they have weight limits on the rides at Gilroy Gardens?'  The clincher to put it on was yesterday when they asked if Noah has breasts.  UGH!!!  Such a mean, spiteful person/people and I just want them gone.
    Not sure I'm going to keep the program but testing it out.

    Thanks for your help!!


  3. Hi! My name is MaLeah & I found your blog off of M3's before your trip to China. I have a little boy the exact same age as your cutie! His name is Marin and his birthday is in April of 2009. If you'd like to "meet him" check out He's also a gymnast. :) I was also amazed to hear that someone had left mean comments on your blog! You can tell from your pages that you are an amazing mom to Hannah! Please know that there are those of us out in bloggerland that admire your little family of 2 and think you are doing an incredible job with her! I love your positive, sunny outlook! It makes me have more patience with my little guy and enjoy the moments with him after reading your sweet posts! Keep up the good work! You have fans in Nashville, TN! :)


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