Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Checking in from Salsaville

Yesterday was mainly a day of travel and Hannah was nothing short of ah-ma-zing!  I woke her at 4am Ontario time and we headed to the airport.  (I almost slept through my alarm.  Yikes!!  Thankfully we were staying with friends who were taking us to the airport and she heard my alarm.  Phew!  As Hannah would say, ‘Dat was cwose!!’)
We had two legs to our flight but unfortunately the first one was longer than anticipated when we sat on the tarmac for over 2 1/2 hours before leaving the gate.  It had shades of the day before i met Hannah and we became a family but was much better this time as Hannah was there with me.  She was awesome as we waited for them to fix the breaks on the plane so that we could leave.  Yah….brakes are pretty important so we were happy to wait as long as was needed.
Hannah thought it was pretty cool that we got to walk on the tarmac in Chicago and happily posed beside our first plane!  Heh, love her little poses that she’s just beginning to do.  Sure beats her turning her back to me many times when I tried to take pictures recently.IMG_6236
Before we even left Toronto we’d already missed our connecting flight so once in Chicago we went to the courtesy desk and they fixed us up with a new flight to California lickity-split!  We hightailed it through the airport and were the last 2 people to board our new flight…with the minor challenge of them having us sitting separately…yah, NO! we boarded, and a a young guy happily moved as opposed to take care of a 3yo for a 4 1/2 hour flight and we were on our way!  Hannah crashed even before take-off and slept wonderfully in her car seat for over 2 hours.  She was one tired but cooperative little traveler.
We were excited when Auntie M3 and Uncle TubaDad met us at the airport and Salsa Vacation 2012 had officially begun!


  1. WOW - Hannah doesn't even look like Hannah in that first picture! She looks 5 years old and so tall!

    Good thing your friends were there to wake you up.

    Glad you made it safe and sound to CA.

    M and M

  2. Holy Macaroni, she does look so big posing next to the plane!! Better get a rock on her stat ;)


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