Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Little Bit of Salsa This and That

Just some pics that didn’t quite fit into other posts but I wanted to remember…

Mmmm….BobBob enjoying one of Wela’s infamous Apricot Dream Bars.  I may possibly have consumed a fair number of these myself last week!IMG_6438

Miss K helping Little Bird fly.  I can’t begin to guess the number of flights these two took together!IMG_6439IMG_6442

Playing with Pan Pan.  I wonder if this means there will be a hamster in our future?  Hannah loved this little guy!!


Another first….sleeping without a bed rail.  No incidents….phew!IMG_6446

Noodle Hair.  We learned about noodle hair last year and Hannah still asks for it each time we have noodle soup.  Cuteness x 3!IMG_6476


On our final evening we took the girls for a walk.  We asked them to stop so that we could take a pic and this is what we got!  Heh!! IMG_6504

More fun in the park.  M3 and I decided to follow the girls on the climber.  Oye!  I can’t believe how much work that is on this old bod and have new appreciation for our 3 little climbers who easily whip around this thing for as long as time permits!IMG_6513

Ro and Ree introduced Hannah to basketballIMG_6517

A final couple of poses before we called it a night.IMG_6518



  1. Oh fun!! This reminds me, I stuck a whole bunch of pictures on an email to you and then it bleeped because of size. I'm going to try again. Yell if you get it.

  2. Such sweet memories of your time together. Love that.

  3. Kathy (Chick and Pea's Mom)Saturday, July 14, 2012 9:08:00 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading both your blog and M3's blog recounting the time you spent together!! Can't wait to catch up in person. I love Hannah's dirty feet in the 7th picture. Chick often has the same dirty feet after playing outside. :)
    Did you use my rolled up towel technique for the night without a bed rail?

    1. Ugh!! I forgot the rolled towel under the fitted sheet technique! Too bad! Thankfully there were no incidents but we'll use that in the future when we visit friends.

      Heh...yes, dirty little feet. Nightly foot washing became a part of our bedtime routine.

      Can't wait to see you too!!!

  4. Love the pictures. Looks like a great time.

    That picture of her swinging off the slide....what is she a daredevil?! Wow....and lucky for you to get that amazing shot.

    1. Oh yes Laurel! She keeps mommy on her toes for sure! Hannah is full of spunk and has very few fears. It will take her far buy oye....keeps Mommy stocked in hair dye!!


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