Monday, July 09, 2012

4th of July Celebrations!

We had a fun day celebrating Independence Day with our friends.  Hannah and I donned our red, white and blue and joined in the fun.  DSC_1912LR-1Last year we were here for Canada Day on July 1st and the Salsa family wore their red and white but this year we didn’t arrive until the 2nd so missed celebrating Canada Day together.  M3 did pose with the infamous cowboy hat in honour of us though!  Smile IMG_6533

Early on the 4th the girls donned in their adorable WelaWare and we headed off to a local parade.  One of the traditions the kiddos love is that there is lots of candy thrown at this parade so the girls were ready with their candy bags in hand.IMG_6308

It ended up being over an hour from our arrival until the parade went by and the girls were so patient!  What amazing kiddos we have!!


This visit it was wonderful to meet Auntie M and Uncle TubaDad’s friends the H Family.  They live in another state and also flew in for the week.  We had a wonderful time together!  Hannah and Miss K hit it off immediately and quickly Hannah received the nickname of ‘Little Bird’ to K.  She would bounce up to K flapping her wings and chirping, ‘Tweet tweet!’  It was fun to see Hannah take such a shine to her.  In the pic below she’s perched on Miss K’s lap and checking out some fun apps on her iPhone.  We were introduced to many new children’s apps by both families this week and my iPod now houses more games for Hannah.  She doesn’t normally get to play with the iPod but these were invaluable when I was getting ready in the morning and Hannah was doing well at keeping quite while the girls slept.  We partied late into the evenings so mornings were quiet and the house often didn’t get moving until 9am or later.  Ahhh…vacation!IMG_6338

The afternoon of the 4th the bigger girls wanted to go see Brave and knowing that Hannah was too young to see it she, Auntie M and I went shopping  instead.  Oh yes, roughing it for sure!  Early in the trip there was a stop at Target where Hannah had to do her traditional, ‘Uncle Mark!’ pose and shout out!IMG_6324

When the movie was over we met up with the others.  Hannah found these cool shades which were fun to try out.IMG_6328

I loved to see TubaDad down on his knee with the girls helping them choose jewellery!  So sweet!IMG_6335

We finished our day with some fun fireworks in the backyard thanks to Wela and BobBob!  The girls donned their Brave ware in honour of the occasion and they looked so cute together!  Every event is better when it begins with dancing!IMG_6340

The evening began with noisy poppers and truly if there was nothing but these the evening would have been a success.  The girls could have played with these for hours! 

These are so cool!  This pic is blurry but I love how it shows the different popper styles Hannah and Ro had. 


Please BobBob, may I have another one?IMG_6345

Rather than risk burning fingers we placed sparklers in the ground for each of the girls which they watched intently.IMG_6352

Happy 4th of July….from our 5 adorable little sweeties!!IMG_6351


  1. Is that a Corgi I see in the first set of photos? :)

    Is their backyard as huge as it appears?

    1. Yes, M3's friend was pet sitting a couple of dogs, one of which is a Corgi.

      Their backyard is beautiful and the perfect size.

  2. How beautiful--the girls look so cute in their dresses, both for 4th of July and the lovely gowns. I with you--every event is so much happier when it begins with dancing. What a fabulous vacation you and Hannah had. Hannah fits right in as an honorary twin.

    I've read many of your posts where you refer to Target--I have to admit, I wasn't that impressed when I visited one many, many years ago. I think I will have to give them another try.

  3. Don't know if you'd ever want to try this in the future when Hannah is older...but I saw a cool tip on Pinterest regarding sparklers....poke the through a red, Solo cup.....then the kiddos hang on with their hand inside the cup! I'd also do noodle hair as well to keep hair away from any flying sparks. I must admit they make me very nervous and I love the idea of having the kids watch them. Just passing along this tip for you in case you'd ever need/want it!

    I love all your photos of your trip and time with the Salsa Family! I can just see the joy on all of your faces when you are together. :) Really special times, I'm sure!!


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