Friday, July 20, 2012

Look Who’s Playing Soccer!!

Soccer - First Game ever   July 19, 2012 - Copy
Last night was Hannah’s very first soccer ‘game’ ever!  SO CUTE!!  I love that our local soccer club has a 3yo age group!   I’m thankful that Ange mentioned earlier in the spring that she’d signed up Noah.  I was able to sign Hannah up in the same time slot and the two of them are having fun playing on the same team.  I love the friendship that Hannah shares with each of Ange’s boys!!DSC_0039
The season is a short 6 weeks (5 for us as we were on vacation last week) which I think is a great option for 3yo’s.  I’ll see where her interest is after this session to see if we sign up again for a full season next year.
Rather than playing actual games it’s more of fun skills with the parents participating on the field.  DSC_0025
Her team started with a fun game of ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and Hannah did SO well!  It was fun to watch her and cute when she originally thought that ‘red light’ meant to pick up the ball and run to her coach.  Heh!
All that running meant a quick water break for our little sprouts.DSC_0048
Last night was also picture night.DSC_0056
Noah is used to Hannah’s ‘lovings’.  The other little guy…not so much!  Smile  Could these two be any cuter?IMG_6736 - Copy
At 3 I’m sure this will be only one of many of these moments.  Maybe she’s dreaming about her first goal?DSC_0066
So, Hannah’s first night of soccer was fun plus time spent with a friend!  Way to go Hannah!!DSC_0047


  1. So cute! My husband is a huge soccer fan so I have no doubt Lucy will be put in a soccer jersey one day. Love the cute pigtails!

  2. That's about the cutest thing I ever saw...:)

  3. Love that it's a Timmy's Team!!!

    Mine started soccer this year too. She loves it!! Was in net last night and saved two balls from scoring!! She was sooooooooooo proud of herself. Me too!!
    Snick : )

  4. You guys are the most adventurous people I know! I want to be in your family! I just read your comment and I can't believe that! Blows me away. I asked my good friend one time how she deals with strife (certain ppl) and she said, "The atonement." I have hung onto that and it helps me be forgiving and takes away the sting so that, like you said, insignificant things don't have to dictate my life. Thanks for your friendship! You are amazing through and through.

  5. You know we are big soccer fans in this house! Woo Hoo! Go Hannah! Love it!

  6. Hannah is getting so grown up, cute pictures. You must also love that she's sporting a Time Horton's shirt, do you get extra pull tabs for that?

  7. Oh love the soccer pics. My favorite is the hand on the hip and holding the soccer ball.

    1. Adorable pics of Hannah! So cute in her little soccer outfit. :)

      Meigan wanted to play soccer this year (and baseball too!) but we're so busy Sept to June (and she's taking swimming this summer) I convinced her to wait until next year. I needed a break. :)


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