Monday, May 14, 2012

Hannah’s First Fish!

Last Saturday our local MP (Member of Parliament) hosted a kids fishing day.  It sounded like lots of fun but given my dislike of touching worms and fish, I figured Hannah’s first fishing adventure would have to wait until we go to the cottage this summer and Grandpa takes her fishing.
That all changed when one of my coworkers invited Hannah and I to go with he and his family.  Yay!  After gymnastics on Saturday we loaded up Hannah’s very official and professional…purple dolphin fishing rod and headed to the ‘ole fishing hole with Mr. Cory and his kiddos D & B.IMG_5486
We arrived at the event and quickly found that it was a popular choice for many.  What fun to see so many families spending time together on this Mother’s Day weekend.
I haven’t fished in years so sadly between my lost skills and the fact that there was only about 3’ between each person it meant I had to rely on Cory to cast out for us.  Heh…I’ll have to work on that this summer.  While mommy took care of our rod Hannah go to work….snacking!IMG_5492
The kids did really well and within 30 mins all 3 of them had caught a fish!  D was firstIMG_5494
followed by BIMG_5495
and finally Hannah.
LOL!  I tried the capture the picture quickly so that she didn’t accidentally step back into the water.  Thankfully that didn’t happen.  Phew!  I had visions of Hannah’s last unexpected swim in my head.IMG_5499
Checking out the fish splashing around the bucket.  Hannah kept her distance but kept going back to watch the fish swimming around.IMG_5497
We had a great time at the kid’s fishing day and I know we’ll go again.  They even cleaned the fish for us which was a bonus.  Since Hannah and I are going out for supper with my Mom tonight we donated our little fishie to D & B’s Mother’s Day dinner for their Mom today.  I just received this pic from Cory a few minutes ago.  Mmmm….looks like they’re having a delicious dinner!Hannah's first fish
Another ‘first’ for Hannah and Mommy and what fun we had!IMG_5503
This mommy might even get over her dislike of touching worms and fish so that we can go fishing together again!!
Update:  I took this little video the day after our fishing adventure.  It was cute to hear Hannah talk about it a day later.  I’d just woken her up to go for Mother’s Day dinner so she’s a bit subdued….but still oh so cute!


  1. Oh so fun! We would LOVE to go fishing with you guys sometime. It's Austin's favourite thing to do so I'm sure he'd be willing to help with worms and fish and other slimy things! :) (And his mom doesn't mind touching worms and most fish too!)

    1. Oooo...we would love that! Let's set a date! :o)

  2. What a fabulous, fun, filled and fishy day. So glad that you did it. My girls LOVe going fishing with Grandpa when we go to England, it's one of their favourite thing to do. I'm with you though on the slimy, wiggly stuff that's involved. That's what Grandpa's are for.
    Catherine, she's getting so , you know, that "B" word that rhymes with pig. LOL. I don't like it when people point it out to me so I'm trying to be subtle.

    1. You're right Dawn, Hannah is getting so big! She's tall for her age and is normally about 2" taller than her peers. Add to that how well she speaks and how much even her play is growing up and I'm shocked! What happened to my baby? And at the same time I'm loving her being a pre-schooler! Every day is a fun new adventure!

  3. I remember going fishing with my grandparents :) I didn't really care for the actual fishing part, but LOVED the time I spent with them and the fun we had!


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