Friday, May 04, 2012

Learning Through Living

It’s no surprise how much I love my sweet little girl!  I cannot express how blessed I am to be surrounded by her presence both when we’re together and when we’re apart.  There are times like tonight when I just had to go in and kiss her cheek and wipe her hair from her eyes more than once even though she was sound asleep.  I just needed to spend a moment with her and gaze upon her precious beauty.  When I go to bed her little feet will find my leg within moments and we’ll both settle in for a wonderful night’s sleep.  She still wakes occasionally at night and I love being able to just reach over and place a caring hand on her arm and whisper words of comfort to her and within seconds she drifts back to sleep, normally after reaching out to find my fingers which she holds in her own.  Precious moments.IMG_5420

Another memorable moment happened a couple of weeks ago and showcased Hannah’s sweet personality.  On a cool, rainy Saturday after ‘nastics’ I decided that we’d take advantage of a local theatre that is showing older movies for $2.50.  That morning was ‘Babe’ so when we were finished at the gym I told her we were going to a movie!  She was excited as like her Mom she enjoys seeing movies on the big screen.  We bought our tickets and popcorn (must have popcorn at the show!) and made our way into the theatre.  She chose the seats and like many kiddos she chose the very back row.  Heh!  We took our coats off, put a booster on her seat and settled in, popcorn in hand.  We were chatting and I didn’t really notice the time but soon one of the gals who works in the theatre came in and said, ‘I’m sorry but we can’t get the movie to play and are going to ask you to move to the theatre across the hall.’  We packed our stuff and slowly made our way across the hall with the rest of the movie-goers.  During the move to the new theatre we also found one of the families from Hannah’s gymnastics class (the mom and I have struck up a friendship and enjoy our visits together each Saturday morning) so we found a row all 5 of us could fit in and we settled in and prepared for the movie.   The movie was taking a bit to start again so we visited and it was fun to see the kiddos interacting.  (The kids don’t know it but we’re all going to be at Disney at the same time this summer and we’ve planned supper with Cinderella all together. What a fun surprise that will be! Smile

Anyway, we were enjoying our visit when the manager came in and apologized profusely that they could not get the movie to play so they would not be showing it.  The kids were disappointed but they handed it so well.  The manager was handing out 2 complimentary passes per person for any movie we’d like to see in the future so that was a bonus for our $5.00 entrance. 

We let the kiddos finish their snacks and then made our way to the manager.  Hannah looked up at her and said with sincerity, ‘That’s okay lady.  Accident’s happen!’

Wow!  At a time when she could have been sad, upset, disappointed and more, she was comforting the gal who was apologizing for being unable to show the movie.  I took the lead from my daughter and said, ‘These things happen and you gave us an opportunity to help our children experience disappointment.’  Let me just say, Hannah rocked!  She really does handle changes well and is a ‘go with the flow’ kinda gal which makes life much easier.  I love to do things spur of the moment as well as planned so our personalities dovetail together wonderfully and this makes her a dream to travel with!

While we were talking to the manager we asked what time ‘Chimpanzee’ started and it was within half an hour so we decided to take the kids to see that.  We explained that to the manager and said we’d only need one pass each but she said, ‘Here are 2 each and you go see whatever movie you want!’  Great customer service and we did really well for our $5.00 admission!

So in the end the kids had more time to play together before the movie and then we went to see Chimpanzee and really enjoyed it!  I wasn’t sure how it would go (and truthfully hadn’t read any reviews which is something I normally always do before we go to any movie) but it was great!!  It was a documentary and other than a couple of moments of needing to stand up and get her wiggles out she sat through all of it.  Now she likes to talk about the ‘Monkey movie.’

Yes, I am forever blessed to be Hannah’s Mommy!  She’s one amazing kiddo who causes me to stop and take notice every single day!


  1. I love to follow your journey with Hannah and happy to read about all her great days.

    We are two in the same. I love Disney as much as you and so does my son.

    We will be there too at the same time. If I spot you I might say Hello.

    Kim a follower from Ontario.

  2. What a great girl. And you're teaching her well! I always like to say when things go wrong, "Hey, if THIS is my biggest problem, I'm doing OK!" I love your attitude.

  3. "That's okay lady. Accidents happen."

    That is too sweet!

    We loved Chimpanzee too.

  4. I check on the kids each night, long after they've fallen asleep. It always amazes me as they are turning or snoring in deep slumber how innocent they are and that they are our children. Innocents who happen to be living half a world away from where they were born and from their birth families. Sad and sweet.

  5. Love the sleep time rituals :)
    Love how you both handled the Babe disappointment and what a little lady she is!
    Every time I've seen a commercial/preview for Chimpanzee I start crying. So that will have to wait to watch in the luxury of my own home so I can bawl if necessary ;)


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