Friday, May 11, 2012

Ahhh…Now That’s Better!

It all started the evening of Hannah’s 3rd Birthday when I literally could not move around the main floor of our home without stepping on over toys and stuff!  It was time to declutter our home and create a new space for Hannah.  Now that she’s 3, she is more confident playing on a different floor from where Mommy is sometimes so the timing was right.  I took two vacation days in March and while Hannah was at daycare the transformations began. 

First, Dad and I dismantled the bed in the guest room and turned that into the playroom/office.  It seemed silly to have a bed taking up the space we needed for the couple of times we have company overnight.  I’ll invest in a blow-up mattress for those times.




New art display hanger.  Thanks Uncle J!IMG_4920

Hannah discovering her new playroom

I’m sure one glance at these pictures will easily help you see why I was overwhelmed by the ‘stuff’ downstairs.  IMG_4865

We live in a town home with limited space so need to make the best of what we have.  Yah, that wasn’t happening!


This picture still makes me giggle.  Uncle J came to the house while Hannah and I were out and began to assemble the new unit.  The only way to have enough floor space to put it together was to lift up the couch.  Heh!  Necessity is the mother of invention!IMG_4905

Tools were stored in unusual places too!IMG_4908

The new space downstairs was put to good use and I feel like I can breathe again. Mom and Dad have the old cabinet that housed the TV and was our storage and this is the new space. Even now 2 months later I still smile and don’t take for granted how much I appreciate this new unit!!IMG_4915

The final area of renovation was the dining area…that we can finally use for eating in!


After decluttering and creating the playroomIMG_5475

Can you hear me breathing easier??  I believe Hannah and I are both happier as we now have much more space to play! We’re often found carrying toys up and down the stairs but that’s ok.  It’s just nice to have space to play with those toys!  Phew…..what a treat!

And, just in case mommy get’s too used to this new space – Hannah has officially entered the age of tent building!  Heh, at least we have the room for tents!DSC_9932

Coming soon….small changes that were emotionally harder than the big changes.


  1. Catherine, your hard work has paid off, and your rooms look BEAUTIFUL. Now, do you want to come and do some work at my house?????

  2. Wow!! What a difference! It sure looks great!

    How awesome is Uncle J and he is so clever. :o)

  3. Replies
    1. :o). Yes, Stacy blankey is very important! Like last night at 3am when I was looking for it.

  4. Wow - good job Catherine. Looking at those before and after pictures is amazing. You must feel so satisfied!

  5. WOW, I love it and I am sure you do too. Space is hard to find however much room you have. How come such little people use so much of it?

  6. Looks GREAT! We have toys on both floors of the house also. Jadalyn trys to carry them up and down the stairs by herself... and it is always the biggert one she can find. Still working on that one. Love the tents! I'm going to have to show her how to make one now! Have fun in you new space little Hannah!

  7. Wow! Looks awesome! I love the TV cabinet/storage space. Good job!

  8. Love the new play room! I bet she is just loving it. It looks so great. I love the new home entertainment unit too! Wow! New things all around. I am jealous. Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  9. Ack, I need to know where the doll house is from. We too have limited space and that looks like a very functional yet small house.

  10. Wow! What a great job--I love the new TV/entertainment centre. I've been giving some thought to re-organizing my things/rooms to give my little one more places to spread out. Yikes! It would be nice to have just one or two rooms in disray rather than all of them, except the one that is gated where the piano and harp reside; however, I found the lock to the gate on the stairs yesterda--could this mean that Charlotte has figured out how to unlock it. I'm not ready for that yet.
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day--sorry the wishes are so belated.
    It was great to visit with you at Charlotte's party--hope we can do it again soon.

  11. Hannah speaks of her new playroom often :) What a transformation! the new space looks great. I'd love to pick up a couple of those "new art display" hangers - perhaps a not so quick trip to IKEA is in order?

  12. Very nice!
    I always feel more energized when everything is decluttered and in it's own space :)


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