Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine’s Day with my Little Sweetie!

Valentine’s Day has taken on a whole new excitement now that Hannah is in my life!  Any reason to express my love more to Hannah is welcome!

We began our day bright and early enjoying her little treats: Princess posters to colour, an Elmo colouring book, Minnie Mouse puzzle, plastic heart necklaces (one of which she gave me and I wore with pride to work that day) and Smarties (Canada’s version of M&M’s)!  IMG_4545

One of the cute things that’s happening right now when Hannah speaks is that ‘s’ is often missed if it’s the first letter of a word.  At times when I can’t quite figure out what she’s saying I try to add an ‘s’ to what I hear and see if I can figure out what the word is.  Here’s a little video taken Monday night where Hannah’s talking about some of the treats she received for Valentine’s Day.


Hannah is all about puzzles right now and she’s very good at them.  Here she’s working on the Minnie Mouse puzzle with a little help from Mom.IMG_4549

A breakfast of yogurt plus a rice cake with jam and Valentine sprinkles.  Normally it would be peanut butter but until we see the allergist (Feb 29th) we’re still avoiding all nuts.IMG_4553

My princess prefers to wear her crown on the back of her head.  IMG_4560

Normally we have pink pancakes for supper but since next Tuesday is Pancake Tuesday we switched it up and dined on spaghetti.  At first she didn’t want any sauce IMG_4567

but then when she saw my dish she asked for ‘tomato soup’ on her spaghetti too.  Ahhh….that’s better!


We hope you had a great day surrounded by people you love!


  1. There is nothing sweeter than M&Ms and Farties! :o)
    How cute!

    Have you tried sunflower seed butter? It's not a nut and around here you can send that to peanut free schools. Added bonus is its DE-LISH! I sometimes prefer it over peanut butter.


  2. Happy Valentine's Day Catherine and Hannah!!

  3. Very sweet. Holidays are always more special with wee ones.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you two!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Love it! :) Jenny got a MM puzzle recently and it's all she wants to play with. :)


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