Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

A wish from us to you!DSC_9713modified
We took a number of pics trying to make a card that we could do this with.  It took a bit but we got one that we’re both happy with.
Here are some of the fun outtakes from our Valentine’s photo shoot.
This is the picture Hannah chose to use for her Valentine’s card.  I think it captures her fun, spunky personality perfectly!

Oh how I love my sweetie and her goofy grin!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you both! Love this idea...going to have to steal it for St. Patrick's Day!
    I'll have to call you to get some help with gettig the writing on the photo. Did you get them printed at Walmart or did you print them yourself?

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I love the photo she chose! Great minds must think a like lol...we made those cards for Owen's class :)

  3. I love it! She is the cutest thing ever!

  4. Oh my GOSH!!!! I love that Valentine's Card! It is the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

    Hope you all have a great day!

  5. Happy Valentines Day to you both! I love the card you made...would you mind if I steal the idea for Easter?

    Mom is now out of the hospital, but hasn't fully recovered, so life has started to get back to some form of normal--at least we don't have to go to the hospital to visit. We're trying to finalize plans for a little holiday to Myrtle Beach in March; When the dates have been decided, we'll connect and plan a play date for our kiddos. Can't wait to catch up with you and Hannah!

    Happy Heart Day!

  6. SO creative and so cute!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Keep smilin!

  7. Happy Valentines Day Catherine and Hannah! I love the photo. It looks rather a tricky craft. Great job with it.

  8. Very cool picture with the sucker!

    I hope you both had a great Valentines!

  9. Oh My Word!!!

    I saw these on Pinterest, but none of them hold a candle to this one!! ADORABLE!

    I like Liz's idea of doing this for St. Patrick's Day!

    Miss you both!!


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