Sunday, February 26, 2012

If I Could Tell Her…

On this the eve of Hannah’s 3rd birthday, if I could share with Hannah’s birth mother I would tell her:

Hannah is the most amazing little girl in the entire world!!

Her heart is big and her spirit is caring.

She is a bundle of energy that keeps mommy on the run!

She loves to help.   One of her favourite places in our home is beside me when I’m working in the kitchen or with the little vacuum when I’m using the larger one.  If we’re shopping and she spots something out of place she will either fix it or ask me to do so.

She loves to sing!  Many times each day she can be heard either singing quietly to herself or, loudly entertaining any who cares to listen.  She brightens many lives every single day!

Her heart is tender and caring.  It is not unusual for me to wake up to my little love leaning over and placing the covers on my shoulder or gently gracing my cheek with a kiss.  As she sleeps she often reaches out to hold my hands.  Precious moments for sure!

Hannah has a heart for prayer.    Prayer time is part of her daily life, not only before meals and at bedtime but also when she hears of something happening or notices an emergency vehicle.  She also remembers people we’ve prayed for in the past and asks to pray for them again.

She loves to run, jump and be active.  I often tease that her little feet don’t know how to walk.  When reminded she may walk for a couple of steps but then she quickly begins to skip and then run.  Gymnastics is a great fit for her and her independence when swimming keeps me on my toes!

She has a tender heart for China.  We talk about China all the time and soon she will understand more why this beautiful country and it’s people holds such a special place in our hearts.

Her little imagination is beginning to flourish!  She can be found hosting tea parties for us, creating ‘forts’ with chairs and blankets, cuddling her dolls and tell stories that come from her imagination.

Crafts are a favourite.  Creating pictures as gifts for family and friends.  She is mastering using scissors and can now cut shapes following lines rather than just miscellaneous clips.  New pictures grace our fridge daily and what beautiful decorations they are!

Her mind is quite logical and puzzles are a new source of entertainment.  She can complete 15 piece puzzles on her own and probably 24 piece too although we tend to do them together.  She also enjoys playing memory games and a new love is dominoes.  It’s such fun to play games with Hannah!

More than anything, I would like you to know that Hannah is loved.  She knows unconditional love and shares that back.  She is a happy, content, exciting, caring, sweet, loving little girl whom I love with all my heart. 

On this the eve of her 3rd birthday I realize that it is already the 27th of February in China and my heart longs for you to know that the beautiful little girl you gave birth to is amazing, wonderful, cared for and loved!  I wish I could tell you these things in person to give you peace.

And more than anything, to say Thank You from the depths of my heart.  Thank you for your selfless decision for Hannah.  Our lives are full because of you and I wish I could tell you…Thank you.  I cannot say these things in person so instead, I pray.  Asking God to somehow give you peace that your child, my child….is happy and loved!   Oh so loved by so many!

Thank you.


  1. I can relate to this. So often I want to be able to tell the girls' birth parents that they are happy and loved.
    Beautiful words... And I cannot believe that Hannah is 3!!!!

  2. That is beautiful, Catherine. I hope and pray our birth mothers find peace and somehow know their daughters are safe and loved.

  3. Such beautiful words about a beautiful little girl.

  4. Amen. Such beautiful words. I often find myself casting a message in my head to Charlotte's tummy mummy and wonder if one day we may have the opportunity to meet. I pray every day that somehow our girls' birth mommies know that their daughters are safe and well-loved to give their hearts peace.
    Happy 3rd birthday, Hannah!

  5. Hoping your prayers and words of love reach Hannah's birth mother's heart and fill her with peace.

  6. Once again you have brought tears to my eyes! I k ow one day you will meet Hannahs mom and she will thank you!

  7. Hannah is a lucky little girl to be loved so much by so many.


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